cheap {and easy} Valentines Day ideas

cheap valentines day ideas

Now, I’m not suggesting that we all go being cheap and easy this Valentines Day, or any other day for that matter.  But if you’re going to, who am I to judge … as a matter of fact, I’ll be an enabler here and show you some fun, cheap and easy Valentines Day ideas I’ve seen around the interwebz and brainstormed in my own little noggin lately.

Because, you guessed it, I’m aiming for cheap and easy always this year.  (Oh, the things I say that make my parents so proud.)  😉 And I could, pretty legitimately even, use the “we just moved” and “we’re living out of a hotel” and “I’m stockpiling money under the hotel mattress for the purchase of a house” excuses for justification.  But, the truth is, I’m just all about the cheap and easy.  (As my mother shakes her head in shame.)

And yes, I do realize this is a bit last minute, so these are all great cheap, easy and last minute Valentines Day ideas.  For those of us who really would feel accomplished if we had a card purchased, signed and in our significant others’ hands by Valentines Day. Consider these ideas for the overachiever-wanna be in each of us.  :)

Post-It Notes Heart from the Dating Divas
 The Game of Love from East Coast Creative

Date night Q&A by hopes and dreams – 30 interesting, thought-provoking and funny questions to ask your significant other, even if you’ve been together forever.

Nerf Gun War a la Mr. and Mrs. Smith from Life Design Craft – Hey, it worked for Brad and Angelina!

A closet full of hearts from Oh Happy Day – or an office, kitchen, bathroom … that room that you can get into last the day before that your man will be in first thing in the morning.

Watch the sunrise from The Nest – Ummmm, this would take some effort on my part, but Joel is totally a morning person so it might be fun to enjoy those peaceful first moments of the day together.

Date night in a jar by Life in the Green House – This one might take some time to get together … if you’re just hanging in this Valentines Day it might be fun to write the list of date ideas to put in the jar with your spouse over a glass of wine … then you can craft up the actual jar on your own time. Or craft a date night box using my friend Stephanie’s tutorial at The Silly Pearl.

The First Word game from Simply Modern Mom – this one sounds like a great conversation starter.

Flashback Date from Everyday Mom Ideas

And a few things Joel might find himself roped into here soon …

Go for a tandem bike ride – Bikers are everywhere in Key West … I’m not sure exactly how well the whole tandem thing would go, but it sure would be fun to give it a try.

Have a grocery store dinner – We’re still living out of a hotel here people.  So all thrifty food options are on my mind.  But, how fun would it be to go to the grocery store, give each other a limit, say $5-$10, and buy whatever you want and call it dinner.  Maybe we get a roasted chicken and carrot sticks or maybe we get chips and cake … who knows.  Fancy pants Valentines dinners are sooo last year.

Play tourist in your own town – I’m still somewhere between tourist and “I live here” so this one is pretty much what I do everyday … but use the day as an excuse to do those local things you wouldn’t normally do.

Happy Hour Hop – We just did this the other day with a few of Joel’s co-workers.  It was a fun way to check out new places and everything was a bargain.  :)

Have a board game night show down – you know you want to!

Organize your digital photos – OK, I know this one sounds like work, but I read the idea somewhere and truth is, we have so many photos that need to be organized from years of life and vacations.  I have a feeling this one would lead to reminiscing and turn into a fun trip down memory lane.  “Hey, remember when we did that!?!?”

Visit a local wineryMy BFF and her husband are regulars at theirs and they took me along as a third wheel when I was visiting in December because I am awesome they like to have me on their dates I wouldn’t let them go alone.  And it was fun, inexpensive and felt like we were somewhere exotic even though we were about 15 minutes from their house in Maryland … not really the heart of wine country.

And, of course, while you’re doing any of the above you could whip up your favorite drink and drop in a raspberry puree heart shaped ice cube … except with the tandem biking … you might want to try to master the bike before you add a martini into the mix.  😉
cheap and easy valentines day ideas

Happy dating!!  Other than the usuals (dinner, movie rental, go for a walk, skydive, etc) do you have any fun, out of the ordinary, yet very cheap and easy Valentines Day ideas?  Or are you more of the go big or go home type?


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      This post actually came about because I was trying to think of cheap and easy ideas we could do in our hotel room … and I had so much fun researching the idea I thought I’d blog about it. We do ever do anything elaborate, but these were all ideas I could see us doing … does that make sense?

Let me know what you think!