the secret to perfectly baked kale chips

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So, something funny happened to me when I was in Chicago. I got on the treadmill.  haha That alone isn’t funny, but it kind of reminded me that it had been a loooong time since I’d actually gone for a run. And I can have a tendency to love a good jog, so it’s funny that I’ve gone so long without one. And then something notatall funny happened. I was going to buy a shirt at the concert, so I tried on a larger size than I normally do, knowing the sizes tend to run snug on those kinds of shirts, and when I turned to Sue to ask her if it was too tight, she said, what all best friends would say, “It’s fitted.” Except that’s not at all what I would have said.  I’m not the girl who always has the right thing to say.  I would have had more of a “I can see your every bulge” look on my face that would have spoken for itself and been inadvertently offensive at the same time. Anyway, for those two little reasons I’ve come home and ventured down the path of trying to find some new healthy things to add into my day and I decided it was high time I tried my hand at something I’ve heard many people try, fat-free baked kale chips. This is what kale looks like raw, incase, like me, you’d need to take a double-take when looking for it in the grocery store. And I surprised myself with how much I ended up loving them. You know, there’s the kind of food love that is just because it’s awesome, like peanut butter cups and fluffernutter (affiliate link) and pie.  And then there’s the “I love this because it doesn’t taste like charcoal and … continue reading