how to clean oil based paint out of your paint brush

how to clean oil based paint brushes

Hey hey.  Happy Thursday! I’m sharing a super cute and easy little spring craft over at Remodelaholic today.  Amidst all of the more home renovation stuff we’ve been up to I find it fun to just sit at the table with a little glue and glitter every now and again and work on something that I don’t need to think “will the future home owner’s like this?”, “how will this effect resale?” or “how exactly am I going to repaint the entire exterior all by myself?”.  You know, without making a mess of the entire sidewalk.  :) And in the last couple of weeks we had visits from my mom, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece (who turned 12 while she was here!) so there’s been quite a bit of non-house stuff going on, in addition to some just-for-plain-fun house stuff.  You know … pillows and plantings and decorating a church pew stuff. But, back along the home improvement front, we talked about the primer we used on the exterior here.  And I was thrilled to get more “sometimes we’ve just gotta use some VOCs” comments than “I would never ever use VOCs, even if it was apparent it would be the best product for the job”.  So thanks for that.  Sometimes it just is what it is, if you know what I mean. And with the use of the oil based primer and paint comes either the a) throw the brush away after every use or, b) figure out how to clean all of that nasty stuff off that dang brush solution. And since good quality paint brushes are not exactly pocket change I opted to try my hand at option b.  And it worked. Like most new things, the process for figuring out how to clean my oil based paint … continue reading