my wooden spool dilemma

wooden spool

Hey, hey!  Happy Monday!  How are you? I am great! I am gearing up for company to come visit.  FUN!! That’s one thing about living on an island.  We get our fair share of visitors.  :) Luckily, we mostly like them all.  ;)  We had about a year there where we had at least one week of company every month.  I became quite the tour guide. Hence my knowledge of the top 10 free things to do in Curacao.  I’m ready to get to doing a few of those again soon. You know how it goes, don’t you?!?  You have these really cool things to do in your town, but you don’t usually do them unless you’re showing them to visitors. Or you have this really cool room in your house … or on the roof as it may be … and you don’t spend as much time up there as you could.  Because it’s always there.  I’ll just go up tomorrow.  Or next week.  Or sometime soon, for sure!  :)