creating a craft corner in the guest bedroom & a giveaway

creating a craft corner in the guest bedroom

Hey hey! I am still working my way around finishing up the front part of the exterior of the house. More paint, primer, caulk and then more touch-up paint than is reasonable for one small house, really.  But with a few cloudy/rainy days postponing progress I shifted gears and decided to put together a little space in the guest bedroom just for creating.  But here’s a sneak peek of the exterior progress that I shared on Instagram (@thespacebetweenblog). And then I walked by this doozy of a remodel that made me feel like my little project wasn’t so bad.  :) But still, every once in a while an indulgent little project is just the right thing to re-energize the ol’ DIY mojo.  I recently read Kristi’s article about remodeling depression and could totally relate. Sometimes it’s nice to just step back and make some reclaimed wood wall art, or beautify a little space that I plan to use for crafting, sewing and all things creative. I’m realizing I haven’t given you all the low down on the board and rope wall that is now complete.  We actually used boards that we removed when we were in the demolition phase of the guest bedroom renovation.  Definitely more to come on those because they are my favorite DIY accent in the house (not to be confused with our favorite room) and you’ll never guess where Joel found the idea.  He’s always thinkin’, that guy. You might remember that we actually removed the old closet that ran the entire length of the back of the room so we could install the new door to go out back.  It’s a really popular Key West home feature to have access to the outside from every room. And then we raised the opening up to the … continue reading