foto friday 23 {Chicago in February}

Chicago in February

Well, it has been a while.  Over a year actually.  But my girls’ trip to Chicago in February has inspired me to resurrect the foto friday series.  We had such a good time.  There’s just something about best friends.  You can’t go wrong no matter what you’re doing.  You know? So, some of these might be a little grainy, and repeats if you’re a fan on Instagram (@thespacebetweenblog if you’re there too), but I just had to share a few snippets from our trip. From the snow. To the sky. Or maybe you’d prefer this view from the top of the Willis Tower, 103 stories up. And yes, sneakers are as close as I get to ”winter shoes”.  I did somehow find a barn coat, gloves and an awesome wool scarf that doubled as a hat.  But, since my bff is awesome, she also brought me ear warmers because she knows I have this ear thing. They always get cold.  It’s weird.  And random, when I’m running in Key West and my ears are cold … and it’s 70 degrees outside. Don’t ask. I don’t get it either.  :-) But our second day was beautiful and sunny and we saw the bean. And went underneath. And I tried out a new lens I have.  It’s this one, an 85 mm lens that can focus on a very specific area and create that awesome blurry effect all around it. I practiced on a row of shrubs by the road. And then I took a picture of my beautiful friend on a bridge. And then we had a little too much fun with some metal statues in a park. I loved this wall … ignorant American question here … was this a real building?  It’s outside of The School of Art Institute of … continue reading