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a little fall porch party #EclecticallyFall

Hey there!  Happy happy Friday!  If you’re here with the #EclecticallyFall House Tour from The Wood Grain Cottage, welcome!


If you’re a regular around here, welcome!

Heck, if you typed the space between in Google looking for the lyrics of the DMB song, welcome!  It’s a good day to be here because I’m hosting a party on my porch.  And I promise to play you some Dave Matthews Band.  🙂

You can see all of the homes participating in the Eclectically Fall House Tour by getting started over at Eclectically Vintage.


This is going to be one of those parties where I do a lot of deflection of what is really going on around our house to try to keep your attention focused on the wine porch.

fall front porch decorating ideas

See, we’re 85% complete (if I were to toss a random number at it) with a master bathroom renovation project that also has our master bedroom and closet tore down to the studs.

So really, you should just have a seat right here on this old church pew.

fall front porch decorating ideas

I’ll light those lanterns which are super easy to make.

And you can cozy up with my new lumbar pillow and throw blanket from World Market.

fall front porch decorating ideas

Even though we are in Key West, I am dreaming of the nights in our hopefully near future when that throw will come in handy.

Can I offer you a bite to eat?  fall front porch decorating ideas

I thought these ceramic mason jars could come in handy on many occasions, and today they’re perfect for holding the silverware for our little shindig.  And that little glass flask might someday hold bubble bath next to my new tub that still needs to be installed in our new master bathroom … but right now it makes the perfect container for our favorite home-made vinaigrette.

fall front porch decorating ideas

I usually like to spice things up a bit around the house for fall, which is potentially the best season of them all.  Who doesn’t love to put on a sweater and boots after a long, hot summer?  But this year decorating is taking a backseat to home renovation.  Sometimes life just works out that way.  But this little tour was the perfect excuse for me to whip out the pumpkin craft I made out of a palm frond a couple of years ago when we lived in Curacao.

fall decorating ideas

And accessorize with a few large pine cones I brought home as a souvenir from a trip to Lake Tahoe about 12 years ago.

fall decorating ideas

And yes, that’s a another little pumpkin craft from yesteryear.  But let’s get back to the party, can I offer you more wine?

fall decorating ideas

This hammered copper tub is perfect for toting around all the necessary party beverages … and might also be perfect (or maybe one of these baskets) for holding towels in the new bathroom.  It’s not hard to see what is on my mind these days.

fall decorating ideas

That pallet slat flag is a project I made for my book that is all about pallet projects, and just released yesterday!  You can find more details here, enter to win a copy here and order a copy here.

And really, I would invite you in and show you around, there are a few presentable spots, and I’m loving my new clock found at World Market.  I oogled over many of their lanterns and may have found the perfect one for our upcoming kitchen renovation.

fall decorating ideas

But let’s save that for next time, you might trip over an air compressor, toilet or some other random thing that is in our living room at the moment.  😉

Now head over to the final stop on the Eclectically Fall tour at The Decorologist.  And have a great weekend!


Huge thanks to World Market for the gift card to purchase a few fun fall finds!  Please check out and follow our Eclectically Fall Pinterest Board with World Market!

AND … I just wrote a book all about DIY Pallet Projects and a few friends of mine are hosting giveaways.  Enter for your chance to win a copy here, here and here!  And you can order a copy here.

this year’s out of the blue pumpkin craft {from a toy we all know and love}

Well, somehow I did it again this year.

A random idea for an easy pumpkin craft popped into my brain and just like that I made a pumpkin.

Out of a slinky.


easy pumpkin craft made out of a slinky

It was one of those random out-of-the-blue ideas that just appeared after I saw a picture of a wire pumpkin.

Super easy really.

Just steal a slinky from your kids, or your neighbor’s kids or your friend’s kids … or buy one for $.99 from Kmart like I did.

easy pumpkin craft made out of a slinkyHot glue the ends together.

easy pumpkin craft made out of a slinkyPrime and paint the slinky, you could probably skip the primer.

Use a twig for a stem and raffia for some squiggly and a leaf for, well … a leaf.

easy pumpkin craft made out of a slinky

Yeah, that’s a real leaf I just grabbed from the yard.

I can honestly say that before last year’s palm frond pumpkin I had never made a pumpkin craft of any kind.

fall craft pumpkin

Now I’m two for two.

And, I have to admit, sometimes I really enjoy taking some time to make a silly little craft that serves no purpose at all.

easy pumpkin craft made out of a slinky

But, we’ll be back to the home improvement and DIY project programming next week.

We are in a little bit of a holding pattern with the front of the house project while we await inspections, roofing details, window installation and electrical upgrades.

We have learned that we need additional permits for each part of the project, which at this point just means “the city would like another check”.*

*And if you happen to work for the Key West Building Department and are reading this please know, we are more than happy to oblige.  My checks already have your name on them, you’re like a match made in heaven … your department and my checkbook.  It might be easier if I just drop my whole checkbook off, let me know.  😉

But, I may have just finished a little furniture build for our guest bedroom before we ripped off the roof.  A new DIY wood bed frame!!  Yes.  I did it.  I made a bed, yo!

diy wood bed frame and marleyI can’t wait to tell you all about it.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the smoothest build of all time. <— that right there might be the understatement in the history of life.  🙂

I guess it’s no wonder I sometimes like a simple little craft project.  You can read all about last year’s out of the blue palm frond pumpkin here, and for more silly holiday craft ideas I’ve got a whole gallery of projects here.

This short week has felt like just that, short!  We’ll be busy prepping all of the window openings for the new window install happening next week and who knows what other mess we’ll get ourselves into … but you know I’ll let you know all about it.

And thank you all so much for all of the great encouragement with the new look of the roof and living room.  We just hope we can do her justice.  🙂  Right now I’m just trying to hold myself back from jumping and clapping and screeching like a little girl every time I see it.  If you’ve missed it, the skinny on our little curb appeal/roof raising/old porch demolition project is right here.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

French Country Cottage

The 36th AvenueThe Lettered Cottage

welcome to fall

I have to admit, it seems kind of out of left field to get so geared up for fall.  I mean, we live on a Caribbean island and all.  It’s the land of perma-summer.

But a tree … yes, a tree … totally caught me off guard yesterday and it had me coming up with fall centerpiece ideas … and then creating a little front door decor.  It’s like my personal welcome to fall.  With love, summer.  🙂
welcome to fall

I think it looks like eucalyptus.

The leaves are velvety to the touch.  With these neat little, draping balls.
welcome to fall

I thought they were the perfect touch of fall for the door.

It’s not much, it’s pretty simple.  But to me, it feels like fall … and that makes me smile as I’m sweating my a$$ off.  🙂
welcome to fall

Now … time for me to head back to the beach.  😉

But feel free to stick around and see how to make your own little trough out of just one pallet slat, the tutorial is here.

And the image transfer is a super easy technique using just your ink jet printer and some white glue, check it here.

And here are my 5 fall centerpiece ideas that were inspired by this same tree.

5 fall centerpiece ideas

And Happy Fall Y’all!!

fall craft {pumpkin}

Do you live on a Caribbean island where real pumpkins rot in about .2 seconds from the time you leave the grocery store?


Maybe you’re just looking for a new take on the old Halloween craft project? Or, maybe you’re like me and just love to take something natural and make it into something unique.
fall craft pumpkin

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month in minutes {august 2012}

Holy cow, how is it September all ready?  It boggles my mind how fast time goes by. Just boggles it I tell you.  😉 (What does that even mean?)

Here’s a look back on all that we accomplished in August, a little review of the month in minutes.  And I’m going to mix it up a bit and add categories … then you can easily find the types of posts you’re looking for.

You’re welcome. 😉

Let’s start with Projects!

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diy leaf wreath

Hey hey!  Happy Monday!  It’s that Monday again … the one where we share those super simple, easy peasy, ‘it’s a cinch’ type projects.

You’ve seen my leaf wreath in a couple of vignettes recently on the blog.

First we did our fall mantel, because we like to be way ahead of the curve. 🙂
fall mantel

And then we spiced it up a bit with a little green metallic spray paint. Continue reading diy leaf wreath

month in minutes {july 2012}

Check this out … the monthly review in the first week of the following month.  #surprisedmyselfwithmyefficiency 😉

July has always been a favorite month of mine … and it proved to be the same on the blog.

I started the month begging asking for help as I started to undertake a living room redo.

So far, as part of the Blogging without Borders series we have made a floating shelf and started work on DIYing a coffee table.  I am reeeally hoping to have that for you at the next update. If this review is old news to you, head over to see what the other gals are up to.
blogging without borders

We had a bunch of fun with decor on this new floating shelf.  Well, I know I did, I hope you did, too.  🙂 From the initial attempt, an early fall mantel and the most recent where we finally brought ‘the girls‘ back and added a pop of color with a spray painted leaf wreath.
fall mantel


How to Build a Floating Shelf Tutorial is here!

I enjoyed putting together a round-up of 105 ideas for your 4th of July celebration.  What a great resource! I was a day late so feel free to pin it for next year.  🙂

And I also made another piece of pallet word art that I adore.  It has been the perfect, sun shiny addition to our rooftop pallet bed area.

July was also great fun for me as part of the Hometalk Ambassador team.  I had a blast with my girlfriends at our DIY pool party.  And it gave me chance to help my friend Carol learn how to use an electric drill.
diy table

I feel like I shared a lot more of my personal life on the blog in July.  You all went through the journey that was our pup’s surgery, it began with a big decor decision that we still love everyday.  🙂

And, I also posted a letter to one of our nephews on his 5th birthday.  I find the blog to be a good outlet for things like that. The positive reinforcement that you guys sent my way was amazing!  And I’m happy to report that Mico’s blood work came back even better than the vet expected. Super Smile.  🙂

Then, in what I hope was a fun week for all, I shared home tours of beautiful houses of friends’ of mine on this island that were featured in the finale of the Bachelorette.



And I couldn’t finish the week without giving you my insider’s tips for vacationing in Curacao.  Who doesn’t love a list of free things to do on vacation? 🙂

July was also a month for another installment of the Mission: Possible link party where we all shared our most inspiring, colorful project.  If you’re in need of some color inspiration you need to check out the links here.

Thank you all for sticking around.  It sure is more fun with you out there.  🙂

decorating ideas for the fall mantel

I’m here today following my dreams.  🙂

Remember the dream?  The one for this blog to be in print.  I talk all about it here.

And, since I’m one to follow my dreams, and I just happen to have a new shelf ready for some new decorations, and I wasn’t blogging last fall … I present to you now a little fall decor.  🙂
fall mantel

Fall in July … it’s sure to be the new Christmas in July.  I’m sure of it.  😉

But, really, what’s a girl to do?!?!  The call to action came … Continue reading decorating ideas for the fall mantel