5 fall centerpiece ideas

So, it’s Wednesday afternoon, the middle of September, and about 90 degrees outside.  :)

But, it’s Fall Y’all!!
5 fall centerpiece ideas

Well, at least that’s what everybody keeps saying. :)

We’ve lived on the Caribbean island of Curacao for nearly 3 years now.  And I can’t say that I really miss the seasons.  I don’t miss bitter cold, dark winter mornings.  Darkness at 4pm. Frigid windy, rainy days.  Slippery, icy roads. Scraping off the car after a snowstorm.

I really don’t miss any of that.

But man, I have always loved those first few days of fall.  The days with cool, crisp air.  When you are finally perfectly comfortable in your favorite sweater and jeans … and wool socks with Birkenstocks.  Ahhhhhh!  The memories.  :)

But I saw a tree today, and this tree just made me feel like fall.

And I found myself doing this … creating a little tablescape with 5 fall centerpiece ideas.  Here’s what I think are great elements to consider when thinking of fall centerpiece ideas.

1. Lentils – They’re inexpensive, the perfect fall color and oh so versatile.  Line the bottom of a tray with them to display tea lights.  Or fill votives to various heights to group candles.  I think corn kernels would work, too.
5 fall centerpiece ideas

2. Beglittered Tea Lights – This would even work with the LED tea lights.  Brush on some glue or mod podge and add some bling to your centerpiece.  I had silver, but think gold or copper would be a fun glitter color for this idea.  (Full disclosure – My very creative cousin, Deanna, gave me this idea last Christmas when I declared that “glitter makes everything better“.)
5 fall centerpiece ideas

3. Leaves – Branches from that tree that reminded me of fall found their way into two cute vintage glasses.  And random leaves are the perfect addition of a little colorful, textural element.
5 fall centerpiece ideas

Side note – I saw these leaves on one of our regular evening walks around the neighborhood.  Grabbed a few handfuls not knowing what I was going to do with them.  So when the girls and I had a little encounter with another neighborhood dog, and I didn’t have my hands free to reel the dogs in … it seems like a good idea to try to grab the leash with my arm.  Say hello to my fancy leash burn.
5 fall centerpiece ideas

Ouch!  It didn’t even occur to me to drop the leaves. #smartypants

4. Add a local touch – For me, that means sea urchins or coral or shells … something coastal.  Maybe you have pine cones or river rocks or rusty old farm tools.  Whatever you have that brings in a bit of your location will give your tablescape character and charm.
5 fall centerpiece ideas

5. A little somethin’ DIY – Maybe it’s something your kids have made or just a little bit of ‘you’ to give your centerpiece a personal touch.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant or fancy. It could be a palm frond pumpkin or coral name card holders.
5 fall centerpiece ideas5 fall centerpiece ideasHere are the full tutorials for the palm frond pumpkin (which could probably be made with raffia or any other long leaf option) and the coral name card holders (I also use them as a casual photo display piece).

And let me know what your centerpiece tips are.  Do you like all of the natural elements, or prefer something a little different?  Do you have go to items that just always seem to work?  Or do you just eat at the coffee table?

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  1. says

    Never thought of using lentils and I really like their soft color and they work so well with the nature feel I think a fall table works best. And I would have never thought that I’d find the combo of glitter tea lights + lentils so appealing, but I sure do! Epsom salts or large chunk sea salt is a good alternative for a “crystal look” if you don’t have glitter.

  2. Lisa Conforto says

    Your centerpieces are wonderful, very festive and the best part is inexpensive! Love the natural look of the beans.

  3. says

    Hello Karah. Your newest follower here. :-)
    I know.. everyone has seen the pumpkin before… except me. But I got a good giggle when I did. Why? I too spent time in the Caribbean and had to ‘make do’ with what was on hand. Knew what it was made from and giggled for a bit. Too cute!!! Luv it … Beautiful table scape.
    Here’s to seeing more of your designs..
    Cheers, Gee

    Pop on by and visit me some time.

  4. Kristy Rohm says

    I love the Fall scape…but I don’t like the leash scrape…HA..There’s a rhyme for you Kara :) Seriously thought the Fall Scape is beautiful and I love the lentil idea. Never thought of that!

    As always…Love to the fuzzies :)

  5. says

    I especially like how none of these things are, like, “use then store for the next 11 months.” Sometimes that’s how I feel a lot of stuff on the blogosphere is, and for me it’s a turnoff. But this is really really pretty…and practical. Gold star for you. And a gold bandaid for that there leash burn…

    • says

      I totally hear you. I just don’t have room to store things for 11 months out of the year … or the desire to spend a ton of money on holiday decor. But now I really want a gold bandaid! :)

  6. says

    Love all of them, but especially the tea lights! They always look so ugly with their metal holders, and this is a great way to jazz ’em up! Thanks for the tip, I’ve pinned it too
    Debbie :)

  7. says

    Love your Pumpkin! I would never have thought to use lentils, but you are right, they are perfect for Fall!

    Sorry about leash burn, I would have held on to the leaves too. A little pain just makes your character stronger 😉

    We live near a golf course. I will find some stray balls for my centerpiece this year, keeping it real.

  8. says

    Ouch….take care of that arm!…OK…so the trick is that I need a dog to walk to scour the area for great things to make such as the Palm Frond Pumpkin!….I had lived in Florida most of my life and never saw anyone do this…you are too darn creative…I am sending this to my sisters…they will love it!!! as I do!!….Yes, it is hard to imagine fall in paradise with warm balmy breezes and the green palm fronds blowing in the breeze and the sound of the surf crashing onto the beach…sigh, sigh…

  9. says

    Ouch that leash burn! Love the lentils. I’m having company on Thursday (some teacher friends who have never been here before–eeek, I am always so self-conscious of my house) and might have to put together a little fall centerpiece. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  10. says

    Ouch–that is some wallopin’ leash burn–hope that it heals quickly for you. I love your tips, and what pretty leaves and seeds?? fruits?? are attached to them. In all honesty, if we have company over, our table is so small that any centerpieces get moved out of the way so we and the food can all fit. If it’s just us, I like to use some kind of fabric or placemat that contrasts with the tablecloth, and I use that to form a little foundation for a vignette.

    • says

      Yes, they are all attached, isn’t it a pretty plant? It’s a tree actually, with these beautiful branches of leaves and balls. I like your contrasting color idea!!

  11. Bonnie says

    We just got back to NC from Curaçao Love it! Will def go back . You are so blessed to live there! Do you speak Dutch? We flew to Bonaire to dive and did not know what we were buying cause everything was in Dutch! Happy Fall Y’all!

    • says

      I’m so glad you liked Curacao! I don’t speak Dutch, I find that everyone here speaks English for the most part. And I’ve learned most of the major pleasantries in Papiamentu, the local language. But my husband and I are thought of as Dutch often due to our light hair. :) I hear the diving in Bonaire is the BEST! I hope you enjoyed it

  12. handgrs says

    This is great inspiration! I love the use of natural elements whenever possible. Your palm frond pumpkin is to die for! Thank you for linking up to the Better Late Than Never Thanksgiving bloghop.


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