31 things

Happy Blogiversary to us!  Me and you.  This blog and these readers.  We’re a match made in Heaven, really.  :)

This first year on the blog has been Ah. May. Zing!!!  Seriously.

A HUGE window to the world wide web of like minded people like YOU. So thank you for being here too. :)
thank you

In honor of this first year blog anniversary, I thought it’d be fun to share 31 random things you might not know about me and this blog. And even as I type that I’m thinking “I’m not sure anyone cares”, but whatev.

In October the Nester has an annual series called 31 days. Her challenge is to pick a topic to blog about every day in October.  For 31 days.

Challenge equals not excepted.  😉

Not only do I not have anything interesting for other people that I’d like to write about for 31 straight days.  I don’t really have any interest in blogging for 31 days straight.  Helloooo.  That’s like everyday.  😉

So here is my very own 31 things version.

1. I am a Leo.  The blog is a Scorpio. 😉
2. I moved away from home the month after I turned 18 and have not been back for more than a week since.
3. I love my family more than #2 implies.  :)
4. Living in a foreign country (Switzerland) when I was 19/20 was one of the best decisions I ever made.  And I wouldn’t have done it if Professor Zachilli hadn’t threatened to flunk me if I didn’t do it.  Thank you Professor Zachilli!!
5. Seeing one of my professors (the class was Food Prep, but I don’t remember his name … probably selective memory) while I was working as a waitress … 2 years after I graduated from college with an International Hotel and Tourism Management Bachelor’s Degree was quite embarrassing.  But,
6. Choosing love over my career is the single best decision I have ever made in my entire life … and I believe I will say that on my death bed, no matter what happens between now and then.  No doubt.  Hands down.  High fives!
7. We got married on a Wednesday because I liked the date and we celebrate the date every year, not the day of the week. I publish my posts at 7:08 am in it’s honor.  7.8.9
31 things8. I think the idea of a soul mate is bologna.
9. I don’t like bologna.
10. I’ve never eaten a hot dog.
11. I sometimes eat my french fries with mayonnaise.
12. So clearly I don’t have anything against grossness.
13. 5 years ago I cut 8mm off of my left index finger with a wood splitter.  Total operator error.
14. It doesn’t really effect everyday life … missing a third of a finger.  But it hurts like a son of a gun (what does that even mean?) if I hit it on anything.
31 things15. I find that I’m always using plural personal pronouns on the blog.  I do it consciously, I know it doesn’t really make sense.  But I just like it.  I just think the plurality of it is more inclusive … like you’re sitting right here with me while “we’re” working on projects or talking about life.
16. I like to call Marley and Mico ‘the girls’.  It’s easier than saying Marley and Mico every time and more personal than saying ‘the dogs’.  ‘Cause you all know they’re more than just dogs to me.  But, be prepared for awkwardness, every time I type it it makes me feel like I’m talking about boobs. Like I said, awkward.  But you know how people use that as slang, and when I’m typing things like ‘the girls and I went to the beach’ or ‘I took the girls for a walk’ … you get the point.  :)
17. Canvas Silhouettes of the girls – Now that would be awkward.
18. Dog Silhouettes – The most viewed post on the space between, thanks in large part to Pinterest.  If you see something you love on here a simple little pin can go a very long way … so thank you to everyone who has pinned, shared on Facebook, Google +ed, Stumbled, emailed a friend or talked about a post with your mother.  We really do appreciate it around here. This post comes in second.
19. When I was in 5th grade we got a collie puppy.  My brother got to pick the puppy and I got to name her.  We picked her up right after a trip to Sea World so I picked the name Shandu.  A combo of Kandu and Shamu, the killer whale mother-daughter show.  Apparently I’ve always had a flair for the unique and sentimental.
20. I have lived in 10 towns, 5 states, 3 countries and on 1 island … so far.  :)
21. I would love to backpack around the world.
22. And hike the entire Appalachian Trail.
23. And write a travel blog along the way.
31 things24. We paid $1200/month rent for a basement one bedroom apartment in Carmel, CA in 1999. We pay $900/month in Curacao for a 1 bedroom house with fenced yard and itty bitty view of ocean in 2012.  She definitely has her faults.
25. The biggest referrer to this here blog is Thrifty Decor Chick, which is also the first blog I ever read.  Seems somewhat serendipitous.
26. If it’s possible to crush on an entire band, I have a crush on No Doubt.
27. We don’t really celebrate holidays, Joel and I.  Not in a “bah humbug” kinda way, more in a “let’s just enjoy the everyday and take some of the pressure off of those poor holidays” kinda way.
28. But I really do love the holiday spirit.
29. I just don’t understand why it takes a holiday to make people focus on holiday spirit.  Vacation beard puts me in the holiday spirit any day of the year.  :)
31 things30. In one year I’ve only crashed the blog one time.  It was down for about 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon in September and the hosting company (Bluehost) tech said it was the most complicated re-install they had ever had to do.  You’re welcome, Bluehost tech!  But I’m definitely not smart enough to stop doing most of my own code. 😉 #livingonthehtmledge
31. We’re on our way home from Costa Rica right now!!

So, yeah, sorry it’s been quiet around here for the last 2 weeks in terms of comment responses or response to emails.  I’m looking forward to filling you in on our trip!!

And I’m looking forward to getting filled in on YOU!  If you haven’t filled out the simple little survey please click on the who the heck are you? link at the top of the page.  I’m thinking I’m not getting internet access so won’t be able to update this with a link to the post until I’m home.  Sorry.

But it really is easy … top of the page … who the heck are you? … click it.  :)

And tell me, are you missing any fingers?  Did you pick your wedding day because of the date and not the day of the week?  Have any fun vacations planned?

And to get overly sappy and potentially socially awkward, can we group hug?  You guys are the best.  I really mean it.  I think we should have cake together!


  1. Nancy Carr says

    Thanks for the 31 things about you. I enjoyed knowing more about my fellow adventurer. When I talk or write email I use “we” and this means my 3 dogs and me. I also use “my little girls”. I often have to tell people that when I saw “we” or “girls” I am referring to my family of 3 dogs. I look forward to seeing posts about Costa Rica. Thanks for a wonderful, fun and entertaining blog. Nancy Carr, Vieques, PR

  2. Gene says

    Hi Honey. I think you become a very wonderful and interesting young woman. Hope to see you soon. Love you very much Dad

  3. says

    Hey miss Karah!
    I have to admit that I have pulled away from blogging for a spell. It just got too out of hand…that and the fact that I wanted to puke if I saw another burlap project! I have to say though that of all the blogs I read (and I have cut back tremendously!) I truly enjoying reading yours because you’re just so darn normal! You don’t make me feel guilty about not doing fall mantle or a cutsy project with my g-kids! You give me the opportunity to see the world through your eyes and it’s quite refreshing. You are definitely one of the more interesting persons I’ve “met” in ages and I mean that in a good way. Stay true and congrats on your blogoversary!

    • says

      This comment has made me grin from ear to ear! First, I’m not sure what it says about you if you think I’m normal. 😉 Second, don’t ever let any blog make you feel guilty about what you choose to do or not do. It has been so great to get to know you through the blog and I always appreciate all of your kind and encouraging words. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I often think that we’re all ‘just trying to make cents of it all’ and I think of you. :)

    • says

      Thanks Maury! I feel so out of the loop, hoping to get all caught up on what you’ve been up to soon. Hopefully you’re still feeling great!!

  4. says

    Karah, you crack me up in every post. And, I gotta tell ya, that finger photo (or, phinger photo, cuz it’s more fun…) made me go “huh-wha? Seriously, you can do more with 2 thumbs and 7 3/4 fingers than I can do with 10. Oh, and 2 thumbs.

    Your blog makes me smile.
    And, breathe deeply – when you shows pics of ocean blue.
    And, I love how when you comment about your husband you make him sound as yummy as a Cinnabon* :)
    (I’m gonna assume you love Cinnabons. If, not insert *swoon-y* thing here.)

    I think I’ll do a 31 Things thing, too.
    Well, I might.
    I haven’t posted in like for-ever.
    My last post was on a 5 minute Kindle-stand made out of a Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy box.
    (Gosh, that sounds like I made that up…lol.)


    • says

      Ok, I am totally calling my husband a Cinnabon from here on out!!!!

      And you’d be surprised how many project photos I’ve reshot to avoid a shot of the nub … I didn’t want to spring her on anyone in some random ‘here’s how to make a something-or-other, but try to not be distracted by the totally deformed finger in the picture’ way. But watch out now! 😉

      I think you should TOTALLY do a 31 things post, I’d love to read it. And I read your last post, hey, we’ve got create what works for us. I’ve been totally reprioritizing my time with vacations, company and the holiday season upon us. We can only do so much!! :)

  5. says

    Costa Rica … hope it was great. Your blog sure is. Really enjoyed your 31 things even though I already had a sense of who you are from your regular posts. And about the girls, I mean the dogs, love love love hearing about how you love them. The other girls, they never even occurred to me as your reference source … the dogs were just so obviously the girls. Group hug now, get the girls in here … awkward, now you have me thinking about it, I do mean the dogs :) Hope you have a great 2nd year blogging.

    • says

      Hahahaha, sorry to put ‘the girls’ reference in your brain. But the idea of all of us ‘girls’ group hugging has me spitting out my coffee laughing. :)

  6. says

    YES! Let’s have cake!! And champagne! No, I’m not missing any fingers, just a few thousand brain cells killed by young adulthood and then motherhood. 😉 And step-motherhood. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Upcoming vacay(s) — NYC in December with my daughter (woo hoo!) and then St. Thomas with the hubs in March (woo hoo!). Lots to look forward to, including more of you and your blog. Thanks for the “happy”, Karah!
    xo Heidi

    • says

      LOL, I love this comment … we’ll totally blame the motherhood … yeah, that’s it. Then I’m not sure what my excuse is for the brain cell issue. :) And DEFINITELY champagne!! I have really enjoyed getting to know you through this blogging thing. I can’t wait to hear about all of your fun trips coming up!

  7. says

    I think this was about the most interesting “random facts about me” sort of post I have ever read. Your discussion of “the girls” had me laughing out loud until my eyes teared up! Sorry about your finger, but it obviously doesn’t keep you from making good use of your hands at all. :-) we have a family friend that lost most of his fingers on one hand in a childhood chemistry set mishap and he also seems to be able to do just about anything he wants.

    • says

      I’m so glad to hear you liked it Karen! When you were inspired by the wedding card ornament I made last year was one of the first times I thought ‘this blogging thing is really fun’, so I thank you for that inspiration!

      And totally agree about the fingers … we’re pretty adaptable without them. :)

  8. says

    HUGS, HUGS,HUGS!!…Costa Rica?..Love that place..I am sure you did some great zip lining there!!…Hiking the Appalachian trail is on my hubby’s list when he retires….a long time from now…I will be the one waiting for him at the other end each day…:)….Happy Blogaversary…you should be so proud of what you have accomplished in just one year!!…Much success always…I am so happy you started blogging….Oh, and my son calls his two dogs, “the boys”…:)
    Missing any fingers?…No, I am with Heidi…just brain cells…but mega brain cells…the senioritis syndrome…today, someone asked me how old my son was and I completely blanked..now that is really bad!!!!….I think it is denial…as he gets older..so do I…obviously!!!

  9. says

    Love your blog, hope you keep going! I have all my fingers, but my grandpa (a butcher) had a finger like you. When I was a little kid, I used to play a game where I would grab his finger and pretend to pull it off. Right after his accident, which I knew nothing about, we did our little game–and he had me totally convinced I’d really pulled the tip off his finger! Will never forget how I felt! Closest I’ve come to mangling a digit was running my thumb under the sewing machine needed when I was about 12. Ouch.

  10. says

    Everything about this post is why I love you. Cept the ouchy. That HAD to hurt. I know you love your “girls”. And I know you’re not referring to the twins. hehe.
    Hugs! “see” you soon. Travel safe!!

    • says

      Shock is a funny thing … didn’t really feel a thing … until the middle of the night. :( Oh goodness, now I’m going to have to toss in some ‘twins’ references. 😉

  11. says

    Hey Karah! Happy blogiversary!! I’m taking a bloggy break and enjoying every minute of it. Love your 31 things!

    Have a great weekend xox

  12. JaneEllen says

    HI Karah The two of you are so special. I hope you’re really as happy as you look. Hey you live on Caracoa, (I am so bloody jealous of that). I’m kinda like a misplaced hippy or something. Think I was born to the wrong parents in wrong time period. I’m 72 but would love to live like a middle aged person. I’m a bonafide beach bum, don’t want to grow up and hate for people to tell me to act my age. I enjoy reading your blog cause you’re real. No head games, no bull. So fun and true to yourself. Happy blogiversary. I’m so jealous you’ve been to Costa Rica.
    We lived at an rv park for 10 months when we first came to CO. I would have stayed there for lots longer, loved the casual, laid back life. Anyway the lady of the couple that own the park is from Costa Rica and someday (if I ever have the money I’m going to go with her when she visits her family
    . How she can stand to live here and not in CR I don’t know. She is like a daughter to me, I truly love her as a person. Don’t have to explain myself to her, she likes me for me. I don’t like head games or pretending to be something or somebody I’m not. If somebody is doing something I don’t like then I stay away from them, but if they ask me why I will tell them nicely as possible why I’m making myself scarce. She likes that about me. People know where they stand with me and I dearly love my good friends. Why people get all up in arms when they ask me what’s wrong then blame me for being confrontational. Ah well, I always believed that’s why God made us all different. To each his own.
    Sorry for going all icky on ya. I have enjoyed your blog since I found it. Love your roof bedroom. Happy return home.

    • says

      Jane Ellen!! This is the best comment ever!! Speaking the truth and being confrontational are two different things, sometimes people just don’t see that. Keep on being you and you’ll attract the people who will enrich your life … that’s what I believe anyway. :) And definitely head to Costa Rica if you can. We found it to be very economical once we were there, it is an absolutely beautiful country and people couldn’t have been nicer.

      I so appreciate you reading the blog, and commenting, it’s so great to hear what you think. :)

  13. says

    Haha! Such good facts Karah! You’ve lived so many places and done so much, I’m definitely jealous! 😉 I have all of my fingers and I’ve actually never broken a bone or had to go to the hospital. I’m a very cautious, careful person lol!

    • says

      Thank you so much, Angelica!! We were in Santiago a few years ago. Absolutely beautiful country and wonderful people. We wish we had more time to explore and hope to go back one day. xo

  14. says

    What a fabulous post! So great to get to know you a little more. I love reading your blog and look forward to your sense of humour.
    I still have all my digits…not that they work right all the time, but they are there.
    I don’t remember why I picked our wedding date…other than it was a Saturday which was important because everyone was coming from out of town and had to stay at hotels. Btw…our anniversary is actually today! :)
    And yes, I’ve filled out your survey…don’t remember what I ‘said’, but I filled it out. lol
    Debbie :)

  15. says

    I have a confession, I like hotdogs and bologna….I feel much better :) When are we getting together again?
    At least you can say “girls”, I just have one 😉 What a fun post!

  16. says

    Great post Karah and Happy Blogiversary! I’ve never heard of a blog having an astrological sign but hey, why not! (now I have to look mine up). I like your dog silhouettes too and I’m going to Pin it right now and then maybe it will have another go-around on Pinterest (tee hee hee). I loved what you said about choosing love first over your career too, it’s easy enough to change your career, changing partners is a whole lot harder…

  17. szinteriors says

    Congratulations, Karah! Love your blog, I’m a fellow Leo, but my blog is a Cancer :-) I am with you on having no interest in blogging 31days straight, and that’s for both me and my readers’ sake. With soooo many great blogs to read, it’s hard enough to keep up with the reading let alone adding to that on the blogging end of things. I have all my fingers tips and toes, but that’s better luck than good management at this stage of the game 😉 Enjoy your visit home :-)

    • says

      NEVER! It became kind of a thing in high school, and there was a day we had a hot dog intervention … I was going to try one, but the idea of it just makes me gag. I’m a hot dog failure

  18. Karla Johnston says

    I love the post. FYI the first thing I saw in your picture is your ring not your finger…I had to read the blog in order to acknowledge that you were missing part of it.

  19. says

    I got married on July 8th too. But it was in 2000. The reasons: 8 is both my husband’s and my favorite number. And 2000, will that was just a super cool year. Added bonus….whatever year it is we know how many years we have been married (2012…12 years)!

  20. says

    I loved this post…and the clever use of sea glass, you know how that rocks my world. So we share a few things
    I enjoy eating French fries with mayo too, it is a throw back to when I lived in Brussels. I have also lived the 10 towns and three countries but only two states and the island is sadly missing from my list…well unless you count the UK which is a big Island. I have a bit of finger missing too…through not quite as much as yours…just the end of my pinky which is now square ended…the result of a kitchen knife and a red pepper. It hurts like ***K if I knock it against anything too!

    • says

      You know, I thought of you when I was dumping out all of my sea glass on the coffee table. And that is crazy about what we have in common. It does hurt like ***K, doesn’t it. Instant tears it’s so painful. I started the ff with mayo thing here, it’s quite European. And I say the UK totally counts as an island. :)

  21. says

    Happy Blogiversary! Have an amazing time in Costa Rica! If that bridge is in Montverde I have totally been on it. I wish I was there right now. Oh and I’m really jealous that your life is a vacation, yet you are going on vacation!! 😉

    • says

      YES!! We loved Monteverde … so fun that you’ve been there, too. And I like to tell everyone that even though we live on an island real life did follow us down. But the truth is that’s only true for my husband. :)

  22. Victor Goonetilleke says

    Your writing style is great, easy flowing and so interesting. I wanted to comment on many posts, but thought this was best to say hi that I enjoy your blog. I often wondered about safety with all the machinery you use because I too miss about the same in a finger but life goes on! I have tried a few of your tips..very thought provoking.

  23. Victor Goonetilleke says

    I have been painting the house myself..Outdoor weather shield.You latest the blue door; Is that fiber glass or wooden? Also I see your index finger you didn’t lose the whole digit. Mine is the same but they didn’t remove the nail metrix and a stub not a normal nail grows which I need to file down. Same with yours or did they remove the nail bed?

    • says

      Good for you for tackling your own house painting project, it’s quite a feet. The door is wood. As for the finger, I shattered the bone so they removed that bone done to the last knuckle, and stitched me up there, no nail bed at all.

  24. Victor Goonetilleke says

    In a way you are lucky they removed the nailbed and bone. Mine was a clean cut and they just dressed-result ugly nail stub. Its better not to have that nail bed.
    House painting is fun but the varnishing the doors that get sunburnt is a real pain even using a sander. Enjoy your projects. Thanks.


  1. […] A few tips I’ve learned along the way that may seem common sense to some of you: – When spraying vertical areas spray from the top down, the drips will pick up a lot and then you can catch the rest on your next spray round. – Stand up wind … kind of no brainer … but it took me a couple of times to get it.  :) – Wear a respirator or mask over your nose and mouth. – Wear glasses to cover your eyes. – Wear ragged old clothes because they will end up looking like this. *cute puppy not included – Take off all cheap jewelry … or it will get tarnished from the bleach. *nubby finger sold separately […]

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