upcycling ideas {new uses for old reading material}

Last week was a big week around here.  We’ve got central air people!

Well, I’m jumping the gun a bit, but by the end of today we should be all hooked up and cooled down.

And it’s June.  And we’re in Florida.  And it’s HOT.

So it’s none too soon.  And Mico will be happy to have all of these big shiny things out of her way.
And this is one of the projects we decided to hire out this go ’round.

We have actually DIYed and installed all of our own duct work before, in the pre-blog era.  And we still pat ourselves on the back for that one.  It is hard work, in less than ideal conditions (either the attic or the crawl space) and we feel accomplished and knowledgeable for having done it.

And very thankful that we had saved up enough that we were prepared to pay the pros to do it here.  :)

But I don’t know about you, when the house is crawling with workers (there were 2 HVAC guys and then 2 electricians running the wires specific to the new units coming and going all week) I tend to not like to get myself knee-deep in major projects.  Either the workers end up needing to work in the very spot that I’m trying to be productive or I want to be keeping a close enough eye on what they’re up to … making sure that the spot they are about to make a huge hole in my beautiful wood slat ceilings is the right spot.

So, I busied myself trying out some new recipes in the kitchen that tasted good even with a little sawdust and checking out some fun upcycling ideas we may find ourselves incorporating into our space around here down the line.

AND, I added a new little section to the sidebar.  It is definitely still a work in progress but I want to make it easy to access everything we have going on that is specific to our Key West conch house renovation.  So I created pages that are specific to the most sought after information around here. Everything from the home improvement projects we’ve completed and tips we’ve shared to how much moolah we’re spending and a quick link to our video tutorials.  Coming soon will be an ever evolving house tour (I’m dying to get to some afters already!) and source list.  ’Cause what’s the point in showin’ you what we’ve got if I can’t show you how to make it or tell you where to by your own.  :)

So click on over, check it out and get a deeper look into the craziness that is our current life.  Because we wouldn’t have it any other way and sharing it with you all is just the bees knees.

And if I’ve at all coordinated this right if you look left right now … there it is!  It’s appropriately named ‘our Key West conch home renovation’.  Creative, right?!?!  ;)

Now …
upcycling ideas - new uses for old reading material

After we finished the newspaper as a creative wall covering I got to thinking about other creative ways to use old reading material around the house.

Accent Walls

Map wall by Primitive and Proper
upcycling ideas - new uses for old reading material

Creative wall covering from Reckless Glamour (Shell Silverstein book in kids room)
upcycling ideas - new uses for old reading material

Our new creative wall covering idea … newspaper ceiling
newspaper as a creative wall covering


DIY Book headboard from Design Every Day
upcycling ideas - new uses for old reading material

Book page covered breakfast nook table from Mille Films
upcycling ideas - new uses for old reading material

Our own mapped dresser
And book page covered file cabinet

Art and Accessories

Vintage map lampshade from Not on the High Street

upcycling ideas - new uses for old reading material Map picture frames from Martha Stewart

 Newspaper covered canvases from Our Vintage Home Love

upcycling ideas - new uses for old reading material

Image painted on book pages from Hablando de elefantes rosas (Talking with pink elephants … that’s 3 years of Spanish classes coming in handy right there.)  :)
upcycling ideas - new uses for old reading materialVintage map chandelier from Eclectically Vintage

upcycling ideas - new uses for old reading material Encyclopedia page silhouettes from Crafted Niche
upcycling ideas - new uses for old reading material

And our little book page covered picture frames

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12 Responses to upcycling ideas {new uses for old reading material}

  1. Marilyn says:

    Karah, what a great round up! I’ve never thought of using newspapers and old reading materials in these ways! Thanks for the inspirations!

  2. I can’t imagine having no air in FL in the summer! Your poor dogs (and you too)!!

    Your map dresser was the first thing I found on your blog – remember that many moons ago?! Still love it – and of course your newspaper ceiling too.

    Thanks for including my map chandelier – stay cool!

  3. Dana says:

    Thanks for the feature Karah! So sweet and unexpected! Can’t wait to see your continued progress on your house!!!

  4. I’ve totally overlooked the fact that all the work you’re doing in the house – up to now, has been without A/C. Holy sweating bullets Karah! So happy for y’all that the A/C is going in … productivity should certainly increase ;) … just kidding, its amazing all you’ve done.

  5. cassie says:

    these are all so fun- your ceiling, the file cabinet, frames, etc… thank you SOOO much for sharing my wall, too! AND yay AC!

  6. Woohoo for central air!!

    Love your reading material uses roundup! It’s such a clever idea!

  7. Traci says:

    Congrats on the a/c installation. I had my running all day here in sunny California. Love all of the ideas for upcycling reading material. I covered my work table with pages from my Grandma’s old dictionary and I love it.

  8. I LOVE these ideas, Karah! Something about books, maps, printed materials that just speaks to me! Pinning and sharing… :)
    xo Heidi
    PS — hooray for A/C! And hope you stay safe and dry with all that stormy weather down there. We just had a deep sea fishing trip cancelled because of it — bummer.

  9. Did you keep some of the old window units to use until the AC was installed? At least in the bedroom? I don’t know how you’ve been sleeping….. Hopefully all will be well by dinner time tonight!

  10. I can’t believe you’ve been living without central air! Can you imagine living without A/C alllll the time? I salute you! :) Love that book headboard, by the way. Okay, I’m sooo behind on all my blogs this week! Off to catch up on what you’ve been up to!

  11. Mac says:

    The Shel Silverstein wall is a work of genius! I loved those illustrations and poems. What a great idea.

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