one of the easiest pallet projects ever

Do you remember the last time you moved?  When you unpacked your things in your new house and all these old memories flooded back of those same things on your old space?

I’ve been relishing the nostalgia of it all for about a week.  With every new box I opened I would uncover some of my favorite upcycling ideas or pallet projects.  The palm frond pumpkin made it pretty much unscathed!  And all of the pallet art projects need to find a new home here.

And then when I found the diy door trough, one of the easiest pallet projects ever, I thought the tutorial was worth resharing.  This little gem might just happens to be one of the first bits of pretty around here.
one of the easiest pallet projects ever

After I shared this tutorial I also shared how to reverse image and text in Word and make an easy little Welcome sign for your pallet projects.

This would be a great little spring project for an afternoon and hang it on your front door to add a little curb appeal!


Do you ever have those ideas that just spring you into action?
one of the easiest pallet projects ever

I was trying to organize my week. My eyes landed on my little spring wreath and I thought “I need to update the door decor”. Then I thought “I need a great outdoors idea”.  And it just came to me.

I thought it was going to be so easy I took a photo of my watch so I could track the time.
one of the easiest pallet projects ever

A quick, easy, free project.  Go!

I headed out to my scrap wood pile and with my wonder bar and hammer (and Mico supervising) removed one lone slat from a pallet.
one of the easiest pallet projects ever
one of the easiest pallet projects ever

I cut two pieces 12 inches long (for the front and back) and two pieces 3 inches long (for each end), then put them together like this to mark where to cut the piece for the bottom.
one of the easiest pallet projects ever

Then I moved into my favorite construction spot, the coffee table, because it is stinkin’ hot outside at 2 in the afternoon, and just hammered in enough nails to keep it all together.
one of the easiest pallet projects ever

Then I headed back outside to sand.  One thing worse than sanding in the sun is definitely unnecessary cleaning.  Am I right ladies?!? ;)

Then I wrapped some jute around both ends of the trough leaving enough of a length to hang it from the screw in our door. And Stop!

one of the easiest pallet projects ever

Umm, yeah.  I didn’t even think until just this second I could have actually used the stop watch function on said stop watch. Smarty.

This little pallet project took all of 40 minutes and now I have a totally free (LOVE it!) and very versatile little rustic trough for our front door.

I am already imagining the possibilities.  But I immediately knew I wanted to start with these beautiful yellow flowers that are now in bloom here.
one of the easiest pallet projects ever

What?!?  Those flowers aren’t yellow?!?  Well, ummm, yeah.  It couldn’t all be just totally easy, right.  :)

I grabbed a canvas shopping bag and some clippers and hopped on our scooter – yep, still waiting on jeep parts!  And headed out to snip some of these overwhelmingly gorgeous yellow blossoms I oogled at all weekend.

And. Couldn’t. Find. Any!  Well, that’s not totally true.  I climbed into the woods on the side of the road only to find that the tree was much larger up close than it appeared from the street.  Darn it!

So, I’m stuck with the always-in-bloom-everywhere-you-look-on-this-island-and-attract-iguanas-like-crazy bougainvillea.
one of the easiest pallet projects ever

But, I’m so happy with my new little free trough I’m quick to get over the fleeting yellow buds.
one of the easiest pallet projects ever


And another new shot in her new spot here in Key West with a photo bomber.
one of the easiest pallet projects everAnd look who was lounging around the whole time, too.
one of the easiest pallet projects ever

Update: We’ve moved full speed ahead with the full house remodel.  All of our home improvement projects are here, and we’ve even made an easy craft idea: a driftwood fish.

So, do you like pallet projects as much as I do?  What about the feeling of nostalgia when unpacking?  Here’s to feeling welcome and at home in your space today!

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I'm Karah and I'm so glad you're here! I'm a small town girl from the North East who finds myself moving around with my husband and pups every few years and constantly on a journey to make the most of every space we find ourselves in. That little space between what has been and what will be. It'd be so cool if you'd like to join us for the ride.
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20 Responses to one of the easiest pallet projects ever

  1. Definite nostalgia when i finally unpacked my stuff after more than 2 years in storage!

    What a welcoming wreath for a fabulous new home!

  2. Debbie says:

    Wow, that is quick & easy….and looks awesome to boot! Such a nice change from a regular wreath, I love it, Karah!
    Debbie :)

  3. So cute. I am jealous of the beautiful blooms =)

  4. Looks great on the new door…and love seeing pretty Mico again…and what is that peeking through?…

  5. I love palette projects, the beautiful options are endless and your flower trough is no exception. Glad to hear you are enjoying the unpacking process and using it as a time to be nostalgic.

  6. Glad to see the girls enjoying their new front porch :) Shocked the porch hasn’t been remodeled yet (so just kidding). Think your pallet / flower box looks great on the door.

  7. Beautiful! Love this idea for simple flower boxes under a window too.

  8. Very clever! I love that it was quick, easy, and cheap but looks better than a lot of expensive door decor pieces from a store could ever hope to. Found you at the Sunday Showcase. Thanks for sharing,

  9. JaneEllen says:

    Hey there Karah, was just thinking last night I hadn’t gotten a post from you for a bit. Then here you were on the Sunday showcase. Love your little trough. It is so cute and versatile, easy also, looks so great on your new front door.
    I could almost do that. But I have a bored hubs so have to keep him busy. Now if the weather would make up it’s blinking mind we could get much more done.
    Been telling hubs about pallet projects for months now but he was very skeptical. Til he went online to see all the great things to be made. So now we’re pallet hunting everywhere we go, shoving pallets into our little Kia Rondo if needed. He’s made 2 shelf units he saw and I’m busy printing out projects for us to do. He says if we don’t sell them he’ll burn all the pallets. Now is that any kind of attitude? It’s hard here as people don’t seem to like rugged or distressed things, pooh on them. So I’m gonna try to sell on craigslist & another free sell site. Still don’t have a blog or an Etsy store.
    How are you liking/loving Key West? Love how your blog has been redefined, looks great. You found a house also, hope you’ll be very happy there. Good to see the girls. Happy week gal, good to see what you’re up to.

    • Karah says:

      Hahahaha, about the hubs … at least you’ve got him making the things. Can’t you find a place to use them for yourself? But craigslist is a great idea.

      We are loving Key West!! SO happy to be in the house now, we’ve been getting the yard in order … because we love our outdoor space :) and electricians have been here for about a week trying to get the electric updated, which has held up work inside … hoping to tear down a drop ceiling and some paneling this week. :)

      Isn’t the Sunday Showcase awesome?!?!?! Thanks so much for visiting. And tell that hubs this little trough is too easy not to make, and a fun alternative to the usual wreath. :)

  10. Heather says:

    Great way to welcome anyone lucky enough to visit you!! So pretty1 Thanks for sharing at project inspired! I pinned this to our group party pinboard!

  11. Heather says:

    I featured you today here! I also pinned it to my linky party pinboard! Thanks for sharing at Project Inspired Linky Party!

  12. laura says:

    Hey you. I love this alternative for a door. Hope all is well and that you are loving key west.

    • Karah says:

      Hey there!! We are absolutely loving it here … and it’s nice to be back to getting my hands dirty around the house. Looking forward to HOTlanta in August!!

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