a brief moment of panic, but i’m over it, i think

I tend to pride myself on being an even-keeled, take-it-as-it-comes, what-will-be-will-be sort of gal.

But I have to tell you, I had a brief moment of panic the other day.

This whole living in transition thing might just be wearing us all down.  Just look at Marley all sad-faced laying in front of the door to ensure we don’t leave this hotel room without her.  Poor puppy.  :(

On the other hand, Mico seems to think the big bed and cool temps are just about perfect.  Ignorance truly is bliss.  ;)

You may have read last week that we went under contract on a house here in Key West, or this week that we are going to be putting our house that we lived in in Maryland on the market to sell, or remember that I am trying to upgrade an old lady house into a rental … which is proving difficult from a few thousand miles away.

In the moment it just all felt a little … I don’t know … heavy.  So many moving parts to coordinate, projects to plan, things to schedule.

Do I need to be in Maryland to put the house on the market?

What projects should we be preparing for now so we’re ready to hit the ground running coming closing day in Key West?

I need to go to Maryland anyway to work on a few more projects at the rental and coordinate the shipment of our things in storage down here … what’s the right timing for that?

Where to begin with any of it, really?

So, I took a moment to do what any goal oriented person would do … I decided to do something that didn’t involve any of this madness, write the blog post about painting door knobs without even removing them.  :) Hahaha

That fact is kind of beside the point, but true all the same.  The funny part is that after I was done with the post and decided it would be a good time to procrastinate a little more go back and update the old rental property to-do list post with links to the few projects I actually completed I started to feel the weight lifting.

The weight of too many projects.  Not enough time.  Not being able to complete all of the projects from one location.

The weight I was putting on myself to get it all done right. this. instant.

Because it turns out, without actually realizing it, we’re kinda making it all happen as best we can and it seems to be working out.

And, so you all can feel the weight lifting with me, let’s take a look back at that little to-do list I set out for myself for a 2 week trip in December.

The Taj Mahal … more about her here.
open cabinets with wood backing

  • remove upper kitchen cabinet doors (here)
  • repaint kitchen cabinets (here)
  • resurface back of cabinets (here)
  • attach new cabinet/drawer hardware (here)
  • refinish kitchen counter (here)
  • paint bathroom
  • paint bedroom (here)

The Tank … I found some pictures of that kitchen project I was telling you about here.  How can I not share what is probably our favorite DIY project to date … even if the project was completed about 3 years before I knew what a blog was.  More on that project soon.
tin ceiling

  • paint house numbers and mailbox (here)
  • winterize if we don’t have her rented (we got her rented!)

Somerset … our former primary residence who we’re putting on the market in March.

tips for anyone interested in painting door knobs without removing them

  • paint front door (here)
  • paint front door hardware (here)

I was so focused on everything we have to do, in what seems like an impossibly short amount of time, I kind of lost sight of the progress we’ve made in an equally short period of time.  :)

To think that barely 2 months ago we didn’t even know we were moving off our little Caribbean island paradise.  Sometimes a brief look back is all it takes to get things into perspective to move forward.  :)

Does that ever happen to you?  Do you ever get so focused on those to do items that are nagging at you at that you forget about all of the great things you’ve recently accomplished?  Anything been weighing heaving you lately?  Or are you the master of taking it all in stride?

Those cute puppy pics were originally posted on Instagram, click the link to follow along with our daily adventures in real-time.

And, no matter how many unfinished projects, to-dos or nagging tasks you have weighing you down …

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About Karah

I'm Karah and I'm so glad you're here! I'm a small town girl from the North East who finds myself moving around with my husband and pups every few years and constantly on a journey to make the most of every space we find ourselves in. That little space between what has been and what will be. It'd be so cool if you'd like to join us for the ride.
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24 Responses to a brief moment of panic, but i’m over it, i think

  1. Oh that’s me all the time. When that overwhelming sense of insanity sinks I , the baby instinct get’s in and I apply One little step at a time aka working to finish one thing on the list. Good luck to you, it sounds like a lot but if anyone can do it , it’s you!

    • Karah says:

      Thank you so much Laura!! The one step at a time trick is perfect! I have to break down every task into accomplishable (not a word?) tasks each day to feel like I’m making progress. Thank you for the encouragement!!

  2. Nancy Carr says:

    Karah, I understand your issues. I was there until yesterday when 12 big, really big boxes shipped out to a warehouse in the Midwest in preparation for my move (whenever that will be). It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders and made me feel so much lighter. I often write a list of all I need to do which gets it out of my mind and helps. Sometimes I have to take a day (or two) when I do something really enjoyable to remind me to be in the moment. One of my dogs also lays in front of the door. Our furry children are so smart. Take good care of yourself and each other.

    • Karah says:

      Congrats!!! I KNOW what a weight lifting feeling it is when the moving boxes ship out. I remember how cluttered and messy it all felt in Curacao until our things left and even though we had to sleep on rollaway beds for a few nights it felt so much ‘lighter’ to not be among all of the moving madness!! BTW … hopefully it feels like spring when you do get to the Midwest. :)

  3. pam eitls says:

    It will be okay. Part of the cycle. Each time we move I hit every emotion. When we were younger if was easier. Now that the dogs and kids hate it I feel bad. You will get to the next emotion soon and all will be an adventure again. Love your blog and you and your down-to-earth manner.

    • Karah says:

      That is such a nice comment, Pam. It really is a cycle, I hadn’t thought of it that way but you are so right. I’m so glad you took the time to comment. Thank you so much for ready. It is hard when the ones we love aren’t loving the transition, isn’t it?!? :(

  4. Debbie says:

    I think you’ve accomplished so much in such a short amount of time! Only 2 months ago…wow…so much has happened since then. When do you get time to relax? (I did see that pic of ‘pizza & beer’, but don’t know where you have time to fit it in!)
    I should look back too, it all feels overwhelming to me, I have so much to do it scares me. Might be a good idea to try your trick. Thanks!
    Debbie :)

    • Karah says:

      Try it for sure Debbie!! It helped me put it all into perspective. Our to-do lists will never be done really, so sometimes we need to take a sec to focus on those things we have accomplished instead of those things we haven’t. Thank you always for the encouragement!

  5. This is timely because we have so much to do in the next two weeks that I have no idea how we’ll get it done! Thanks for the perspective!

  6. Traci says:

    That such a good point. I can get so focused on what I still have on my list that I don’t appreciate the projects that I have completed and I am not moving. I have been amazed at how much you are getting done and then posting about it. I can’t wait to follow the adventures of redoing your next home.

    • Karah says:

      Thank you so much Traci! I stayed up way too late last night perusing catalogs and magazines … my mind is spinning with ideas!! It will be fun to just be able to get started!

  7. Cheapchick says:

    You have a lot on your plate. I am stressed with just one property on the market let alone all the other things going on in your life! You are doing a great job. If it gets you down go for a long walk on the beach – the beach makes everything better!

  8. Step, breathe; step, breathe…you are “one” who can pick your priorities and come out on top…so step, breathe and it will all work out!…Take care of yourself!

  9. Glad you are over it! Plus, you can always prioritize by remembering that the blog isn’t “real life”, so you and Joel and your sanity are first, or as Suze Orman says “people first, then money, the blogs, then things” (I paraphrased a little:)

  10. Amy says:

    I cannot even imagine! Hang in there… It’ll get better one of these days. (That’s what we have to keep telling ourselves too!

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  12. The tactic you used to bring yourself down from the brink of panic was such a good idea. It is nothing short of amazing how much you’ve done and how much your life has changed in the past two months! Just keep doing your best a little at a time remembering to be kind to yourselves along the way. Everything will fall into place and will work out just fine in the end.

  13. Sometimes just writing things down and crossing them off the list can be so cathartic, right? A weight lifting revelation!

    :) Linda

  14. I totally understand how you could feel just a TAD overwhelmed. I have total confidence in your ability to stay cool calm and collected! Maybe I should start to do lists so I could look back and see what I’ve gotten done…what a novel idea…

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