foto friday 22 {Christmas in Cambridge}


Do you have those places that just make you smile?  They might not be specifically meaningful for any particular reason.  But whenever you encounter them you just find yourself smiling somewhat awkwardly to yourself until you realize people are looking at you strangely. A quaint little street in Cambridge, Maryland has that effect on me.  Cambridge is a small, coastal town on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay where we lived for 5 years before our move to Curacao.  (more on why I was back in the area here) High Street is my smiley spot, it is a cobblestone street that in it’s hay day housed top level executives of the Phillips Packing Company and not only do I find the stately, historic houses amazingly gorgeous, but during the holiday season it’s always fun to see how the current owners do up their festive decor … or don’t do up any decor at all.  :) Lucky for me, I found myself smiling to everyone I saw on that street on a sunny December day and here is what I saw. Double chimneys galore and apple wreaths and arrangements above the door.  (If you expect this whole post to rhyme, I will just warn you now that you will be sorely disappointed.)  :)