unexplained tragedies, unexpected life happenings and rental property to-do lists

rental property to-do list

Hey, hey! How are you?  I know, this whole Sunday post is not normally my thang, but there have just been so many weird and crazy things going on in the world I thought I’d take a few minutes to get my thoughts in order. First, is there anyone out there who can fathom the tragedy of the school in Connecticut on Friday? I, for one, am just never able to get my mind around those things.  I can’t imagine being in a kind of situation like that, I can’t imagine being personally affected by such a situation, I can’t imagine being one of those child witnesses and growing old with that experience on my brain. But that which I can’t even imagine is now the reality for so many.  My heart hurts for them and my head grasps for reason.  And it just never comes. And late last night I found out that an old friend of mine has stage 3 rectal cancer.  She is my age with 2 young daughters.  There are no words. What I am extraordinarily grateful for is the perspective that it gives me when a totally out of the ordinary experience happens with Joel’s work in Curacao.  Just yesterday we learned we may not be on the island much longer … or we may.  I know, confusing right?!?! We’re the ‘take it as it comes’ type so that’s all we’re going to do and I’ll definitely keep you posted when I know more.  It does get you day dreaming about where we may go next tho, doesn’t it?!? But, with so many little details up in the air all I can do is try to get it all in order.  And I’m still in Maryland trying to get a bunch of home improvement accomplished. … continue reading