gettin’ frosty with it {wallpaper for windows}

wallpaper for windows

Happy Wednesday to you.  I’m not sure if you’re following along on our Facebook page, but I’ve been posting some random pics of the projects I’m tackling at one of our rental properties.  They are pretty scary beautiful!  If you want the sneak peeks, follow the fun here. Now, do you remember that 16 foot long board I drug home from the beach back in February and then finally made into a desktop in September? #efficiencyismymiddlename And did you happen to notice the shoes and is that a hanger on a pair of sneakers and even an orange shirt strewn about behind the window? Totally great, right?!? Or not. :/ So when Wallpaper for Windows contacted me to see if I wanted to try out some of their product I said “why yes, yes I do”.  And then when they asked if I wanted to give away a $75 gift certificate to use on their website I said “Fruitcake Yes!”.  Unfortunately, I think only Robin is going to get that … but it’s a pretty emphatic YES! And, can I just say, this product was so easy to install, and made such an immediate impact I was inspired on the spot to make my first video tutorial. Unfortunately, that spot that I was so inspired in was a first thing in the morning spot, a without any make-up spot, and a spot that had never seen the video option on my camera before. But, more on that later.  Let’s take a look at that immediate impact I’m talking about. Pretty great, right?