joy to the world {simple Christmas wreath}

joy to the world

This time of year really is the best, isn’t it?!?! The holiday spirit is in the air, holiday decor is strewn about and holiday cheer is abundant.  :)  I practically hear carolers singing “Joy to the World” right now. I love that first delve into the Christmas decor and crafting.  I like to see what we’ve got from year’s past that still inspires me and try to come up with a few new ideas at the same time.  All while I watch my husband roll his eyes at me as I pace to and fro between him and his football, or futball, or whatever sport he’s watching at the time. Hey, this decor thing takes time.  You gotta step back, look at it from all angles, scootch it around a bit and then step back for another look … am I right!?! On my decor day we even had the island equivalent of what could be considered a winter storm.  Brrrrr! Just kidding I think it did get down to 79 degrees though … which is close to a record low.  And the perfect day for dilly dallying around with some Christmas decor I say. So I made a few new driftwood Christmas trees and gave our fall leaf wreath a winter makeover.