the budget traveler’s survival kit

budget traveler's survival guide

So, you’re going on a trip.  Woo Hoo!! You’re flights are booked, you’re bags are packed and you’re even a savvy enough traveler that you’ve got your expired passport or a copy of your ID stashed in the bottom of your bag in case your current ID gets stolen.  Go you.  :) Now, I can attest to the fact that our tastes and tendencies have definitely evolved over the years as it comes to travel.  But old, frugal habits die hard and after multiple international trips and even more road trips around the USA here is our budget traveler’s survival kit. 8 little things we’ve found over the years that have helped us save money on many a vacation.  And you know how I heart saving money.  :) #1 – corkscrew (or something like this) Now, it’s no secret we like a beverage or two in this space, and it’s definitely not any different on vacation.  But one thing we have realized over the years is that we’d much rather sit with a bottle of wine in a park or on a bench by the sea than in a restaurant. Or even on the ground while watching the row of street vendors set up for the evening just outside of old town Cartagena, Colombia. And it just so happens that wine, or any beverage of choice, is much more economical at the grocery store than at a restaurant anyway.  And it always tastes just a little better when you’re exactly where you want to be with exactly who you want to be with.  Am I right?!? Better views + lower prices = happy vacationers.  :) #2 – zip lock bags Now, if you’re going to want to have lunch while you sit atop a cliff near La Manga, Spain, you’re going … continue reading