i asked and you answered

the taj mahal kitchen

And can I just tell you that you guys had me cracking up. You are funny! And kind. And so thoughtful to say such nice things about this here blog. You rock my world. You know who you are.  You “forever 21″, “way too many kids”, “red-neck girl”, “crazy cat lady”, “young at heart”, “lettuce green” loving people. You are my people. Or I am your people.  Or something.  :) Now, I am way too easily distracted to take your answers and poke and prod them into fancy charts with exacting measurements and mind boggling statistics. So I’m going to point out a few observations that had me smiling, laughing, cracking up even, making Joel wonder what the heck was so funny on my little computer.  :) First, I am honored by exactly how many of you left your names.  I had intended the survey to be anonymous, but when I start out by asking your name I guess that’s hard to do.  Oops. * *btw – this survey is totally not anonymous.  maybe I’ll get it better next year. But you still shared so many great details about who you are. 19% of you live outside of the US and/or dream of travel and a beachy life. My people!!