11 homemade Christmas ornament ideas

‘Tis the season.  The season to get ready for the holiday season.  The one where we start to think about how we decorated for the holidays last year … and how we’ll do it this year.

I actually started this blog on November 1st last year and pretty quickly joined a crafting competition at Mega Crafty.  The challenge was to decorate a tree for under $20.  I came up with some pretty fun homemade Christmas ornament ideas that hardly cost me anything.

Since there were about 3 of you reading last holiday season, I’ve rounded up what we made  to show off our 11 DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas.  
homemade christmas ornaments

To get to the tutorials, just click on the ornament title.  :)

1. Sea Urchin Snowmen
diy ornament

2. Sea Urchin ‘Nest’
diy ornament

3. Wedding Card Ornament
diy ornament

4. Beaded Star

diy ornament

5. Light Bulb Upcycle
diy ornament

6. Book Page Star
diy ornament

7. Beglittered Shells
diy ornament

8.  Update Scratched Baubles
diy ornament

9. Salt Dough Starfish
diy ornament

10. Cookie Cutter Ornaments
diy ornament11. Wood Dowel and Twine Tree Topper
diy ornamentBonus!  Here’s what the tree ended up looking like all dolled up.
diy ornamentYou can get all the final cost details here.  Hint, hint … it was a bargain!

Now go get your craft on and create something awesome for your holiday this year.  And come back and show me a picture … I’d love to see some of your creations!

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30 Responses to 11 homemade Christmas ornament ideas

  1. I love all of these, Karah! Home made ornaments are my favorite!

  2. Anne says:

    So cute!! and I adore that tree too xox

  3. Clicked through and saw that you didn’t love the book page star, but I pinned it anyway! Love how you got the word “snow” on there.

    And one of my favorite (and first DIY) ornament projects: When I was just out of college, I had NO money. I found an old cardboard box, cut it into squares, wrapped the squares in 3 different kinds of gift wrap, and put cute little ribbons on them. (So they’d look like presents.) Used unbent paper clips as hangers, and I had a whole tree. Loved that tree more than many more elaborate ones that followed.

  4. I just adore that tree and had no idea that all those ornaments were (1) hanging from it and; (2) home made by you! Now I’m feeling like a horrible and terrible blog friend …

    But honestly, my first introduction to you and your blog is that drift wood tree! I remember it so clearly …



  5. Hi Karah,
    Pinned your driftwood Christmas tree (for the umpteenth time!)
    because it sooooo makes me *swoon!*

    One of these days we’ll go on vacation….
    And, I’ll be collecting wood :)
    ~ Dana

  6. Haha! I love it! Tis the season, to get ready for the season! ;)

    Your driftwood tree is so cute!

  7. Wow, I must have been one of the first 3, lol. Seriously, I remember those projects, especially the tree. Still around enjoying your blog :-) .

  8. cassie says:

    i love the bookpage stars!

  9. Anne says:

    Karah love these ideas! I am planning on making lots of gifts this year.Thank you for the ideas and inspiration!

  10. custombetty57 says:

    Last Christmas my best friend gave me a really nice wooden Christmas ornament. It had my name and a picture of a reindeer engraved on it. It was super cool and I found out that a firm out in Colorado called Unique Custom Products made it. I am considering ordering from them this year…check them out if you like wooden itemswww.stampworldonline.com.

  11. I love all of these, Karah! Home made ornaments are my favorite!
    Thank you for the ideas and inspiration!!!!!

  12. I love handmade ornaments! This is getting pinned and I think I shall try making the star ornament. My husband just started a new non-profit new service this year called Morning Star News. I think making your ornament with newspaper and then embellishing it somehow would be a great way to commemorate his efforts. Thanks for the idea!

  13. I’m Back … playing catchup thanks to Sandy!!

    I remember first seeing that cute sea urchin snowman last year – and pinning him! Still love him – now I just need to find the urchins!!

  14. These are MARVELOUS!! Love the sea urchin snowman, Karah!! Hope you’re having a stellar weekend, friend!
    xo Heidi

  15. Marilyn says:

    Karah, you are so talented. You’ve made great ornaments and turned the beach in to Christmas. “WOW”, that’s all I can think of to say!

  16. I love the snowman! How creative and cute!

  17. So many creative ideas! Love them! I wish I could find more driftwood!

  18. Katie says:

    I love making handmade ornaments! All of these are so creative!!!

  19. Debbie says:

    These look amazing! I’ve pinned in hopes I have time to try one or two of these…especially the shells & lightbulbs. Playing catch-up, finally have a new computer and am back online, yeah!
    Debbie :)

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