month in minutes {october 2012}

5 unique upcycle ideas

So, let me get this straight … We went on vacation for 10 days.  A little rest and relaxation with my love.  A little exploration of a new country.  Our first trip to Central America. *sorry for the water spot on the picture, I guess that’s what happens when you rappel down a waterfall with your point and shoot in a zip lock bag. And while we were hangin’ in the rain forest, with hardly any connection to our real life, the World Series went down in 4 games, Taylor Swift and some Kennedy broke up (I feel a new song coming on) and a super storm took down the Jersey Shore, NYC and many other areas of the northeast? Ay yay yay!!  Here’s hoping you and everyone you know and love are safe and sound. And here’s to realizing with great clarity how insignificant some things can be, when real life is dealing with loss of power and light and fuel and everyday people are digging through grocery store garbage bins looking for their next meal. *regular texting rates apply