costumes aren’t just for halloween anymore

Other possible titles for this post include “people shaming”, “oh no you di-en’t” or “top twelve reasons my dogs are thankful they are my dogs and not Lisa’s”.
good costume ideas

Lisa is my cousin.  Well, technically she’s Joel’s cousin.  But family is family, right?!  :)

She lives in Minnesota.  That explains a lot.*

*It really doesn’t explain anything actually.  I just like it when people say that.  ”When I was a kid I hit my head.” “Oh, that explains a lot”.

And she insists on dressing up her beloved dog Barney the Amazing.
good costume ideasThis is his birthday hat.  Because what dog doesn’t want to wear a hat, right?
good costume ideas

Too hard to just give him a hamburger to celebrate I guess.  ;)
good costume ideas

But I am, in fact, declaring Barney ‘king for the day’ here at the space between.  Because when I think of Halloween, I can’t help but think of the ridiculousness that Lisa will come up with next to torture Barney.
good costume ideas

I mean, I know she loves the dog.
good costume ideas

And he seems like a really good dog.
good costume ideas

Although, I haven’t met him in person.
good costume ideas

Maybe he’s a total dawg.  ;)
good costume ideas

And that’s the reason for the consistent public humiliation.
good costume ideas

I hear she even scolds him for not sitting still in his costumes.
good costume ideas

Geesh.  Tough crowd.
good costume ideas

Who can sit still while carrying the headless horseman around, anyway?
good costume ideas

What stupid turkey costume, you ask?
good costume ideas

I’m just happy to see Lisa is into public humiliation for all.  ;)

Which even includes her niece dog Lola.
good costume ideas

And I’d also like to thank Little Oscar and Little Willie for their participation … however involuntary it all was.

What about you guys?  Are you humiliating dressing up your pets for Halloween this year?  I’d love to see the costumes so I can people shame the rest of you who are shaming their animals.  :)

And let’s keep poor, poor Barney in our thoughts this Halloween, shall we?!?!  ;)

good costume ideas

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29 Responses to costumes aren’t just for halloween anymore

  1. Nancy Carr says:

    Karah, Thanks for starting my day with a smile. I love dog stories and photos. Keep up the great blog. I always look forward to see what you do or have to say. Nancy in Vieques, PR

  2. First your blog, next stop is Vogue for Barney!

  3. Debbie says:

    Are they ever cute! And to get them to sit still long enough for pictures…priceless.
    But no, I’ve never dressed up our dogs or cats…I am pretty sure they wouldn’t behave so well. Love the pictures!
    Debbie :)

  4. As I read through this, I looked over at my cat, Sissy and she said “Don’t even think about it”!

    Poor Barney!! Too funny!

  5. Thistle says:

    I think the funniest thing is the annoyed look on his face.

    It’s like he is saying….really?

    Have a great day rock star!

  6. Barb says:

    I love to dress the dogs up for Halloween! And any other holiday that may be real or invented by me. Our older dog gets that annoyed look too. The younger one isn’t bright enough to be annoyed by anything – she just loves the attention.

    I’ll have to get a post together to show them all off.


  7. Oh my!…those pics are great…just love the “Thanksgiving” collar!!…Love that she has a great sense of humor and the dogs too!!!

  8. Hahaha! These are hilarious! I don’t know if I’d dress up my pets, but they definitely make me laugh!

  9. What a fun post! Poor Barney does look a tad humiliated in some of the photos, doesn’t he? But I suppose if he hasn’t run away he might consider the occasional holiday just the price he pays for living with a family that he loves. :-)

  10. Traci says:

    Thanks so much for the great giggle. I don’t dress my dogs up any more for Halloween because they really hated it They really hated it.

  11. Amy says:

    Hahahaa! Cuuuuute!

  12. LOL! In more than a few shots it looks like Barney is ready to bite Lisa …



  13. cassie says:

    where can i buy a turkey costume?

  14. Holy smokes! Best thing I have seen all day. I needed that. My girl Abbie would have no part of wearing a costume. I remember when she was small, my daughter threw a UNC t-shirt on her and she just looked soooo sad. Could never do it to her again. I can’t believe your cousin got her dog to wear all of those items. He looks so ashamed. The sombrero is my fave. I can see him sitting at a Mexican restaurant wearing it while the wait staff sings “Happy Birthday” to him. Ole’.

    Thanks for the smiles!


  15. Hilarious! Good thing Barney is such a team player. :-)
    xo heidi

  16. Hahaha, I love the doggie-bunnies! And isn’t that dog shaming site hilarious!?!

  17. Ok – I’m totally on your side here. However, Barney doesn’t seem to look too tortured.

  18. szinteriors says:

    I’m thinking Barney deserves an extra special treat! Really, I do!!! :-)

  19. Lisa Langton says:

    Lisa here. Yes, “The Lisa”. Someone asked where you can get a turkey costume? Target. They have everything, right? I also want everyone to know that Barney is well compensated for his time and public humiliation. He is paid in chewy dog treats and is ever so grateful. Albeit embarassed! Thank you, Karah for a most entertaining blog!

    • Karah says:

      Hahahaha, glad to see Barney is compensated. It’s quite an arrangement you have set up with him. Thanks for letting me share your photos, you know I think they’re all adorable. :)

  20. Anne says:

    lol – the look on that poor dog’s face is priceless. I have to admit, I’ve done the sunglasses on my dog thing myself…

  21. Megan says:

    These are too cute! I love the headless horseman the the valentine’s day ones the best. :)

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