diy door turned coffee table

We’re blogging without borders here today.  If you’ve missed my first few attempts at updating our living room you can get all caught up here, here and here.

And today … she’s here … the old door I pulled out of a dumpster on the way to meet friends at the pool one day has transformed into a coffee table!!

And here’s how it happened.

old door upcycle - how to make a coffee table out of old doors

I had been working on the door I found in the dumpster for a few weeks.  Yes, that’s how long it takes me to scrape and prep old wood.  Is it just me?  I feel like it takes me forever sometimes … but I just can’t take a whole day and make it happen without losing my sanity.

diy door turned coffee table

I actually bought casters – rare for me to buy something so optional … but I just had a feeling we were going to love this piece and casters would be the perfect addition.  They are all metal and 2 inch in size and cost me about $25 US.

I wonder how much they would have cost me in the states?
old door

I had figured out a super easy (no kidding!) way to assemble it all and my project was coming together.

Without Joel even knowing really.

He’s used to seeing my mess out back.  Sometimes there’s sawdust or paint chips or scrap wood pieces strewn about … but he never really bothers to take an interest.  I thank him for that.  :)

diy door turned coffee table

Then I got a package.  ’A box arrived for you today, it says there’s paint in it … do you know anything about it?’, Joel said.

Note to self: Let husband know when I have things shipped to his work.

diy door turned coffee tableYou see, this is what I have been waiting for. My Annie Sloan box.  My very own!!!  And what I was REALLY excited for … the wax.  I just knew the wax would make this piece awesome.

diy door turned coffee table

I’m in love with her.

Like, totally, head-over-heals, in love.

She’s at the top of my all time favorites list.

She’s beautiful, functional, thrifty, upcycled, chipping with charm, wood and metal combined goodness.
old door

She even makes the couches seem not so bad. A true ‘look transitioning’ piece for our living room redo.

So …

… on the day I finished her and had her at the ready in the living room …

… when Joel got home, and I was in the kitchen finishing up dinner (because I’m domestic like that) …
old door upcycle - how to make a coffee table out of old doors

… and he said from the other room ‘that looks really good‘ … pause … ‘I think this is my favorite‘ …

old door upcycle - how to make a coffee table out of old doors

… I smiled over the stove and realized that she’s in good company on the favorites list.  :)

Update:  Find the full tutorial of how to turn old doors into a coffee table here.

What about you?  Do you like the chippy old look of garbage furniture?  Or a bit more modern is your preference?  Do you take an abnormal about of photos of your feet and your dogs?

And, just so you know, I was given Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax to try, but I was not paid to write anything about it.
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41 Responses to diy door turned coffee table

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE old chippy door tables with AS wax and casters and feet and a dog! This turned out great!

  2. Erin says:

    She looks so pretty! I still have not used anything Annie Sloan. Maybe I will the next time I find an awesome old door in a dumpster…

  3. Love it all – the door, your dog, your feet …

  4. Robin says:

    I’m with Joel, I think this one is my favorite … not taking anything away from all your “greats”, but I could see this one in my life too. And she sure does soften and enhance the sofa (does Joel know about the black paint on the back?) Is there a slight hint / tint of blue in the paint, looks that way on my screen, that might be something that tones down the sofa fabric. Sisal rug underneath looks really good with it too. I really have to try that Annie Sloan soft wax … would it help me fill in / conceal scratches on a table top just by buffing it in or am I hoping for a way too easy solution to that problem? I digress, love your door turned table.

  5. Tammi says:

    You made it look easy! It’s so creative that I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

  6. I LOVE this table! That door was a true find, and you have made it perfect. Good show!

  7. I love, love, love it! Now I will be on the hunt for an old door.

  8. The table came out great! I’d definitely put something like that in my house. Want to make me one?:)

  9. amazing! are they two tables stacked on each other?

  10. thistle says:


    Love this project! The caster idea is brilliant! But my favorite is your sweet furry friend!


  11. Trish says:

    Good job – I like it. I wish I could see it from a far away view – see the casters on the bottom too.

  12. She’s so pretty! Normally I’m not a fan of the chipped look but I really do like how it looks on your coffee table! The chips add so much character which makes the table unique and one of a kind :)

  13. Holy cow… I’m IN LOVE with this table. Seriously I would pay $200 for that. It’s amazing! you’re awesome.

  14. Kristy Rohm says:

    Favorite thing about the table…you left the door knob on. So unique :) Love the puppy :)

  15. Shut the front door.!!! ..that is fantastic!! I just love the it such great character… did good…no, you did great!!….

  16. I love love love love it! This is definitely one of my favorites as well! :)

    Now I’m going to be on the hunt for old doors in the dumpster…

  17. Karah, this is one of my faves as well!! It’s got so much character!!

  18. Karah – You just inspire me so much. This is something I would absolutely love to have in my home – chips and hardware and all. Beautiful piece. Good job!

  19. Garbage redeemed… beautifully. :) AS is like a beauty elixir for junk, don’t you think? I’m with Joel… I think this is my favorite!
    xo Heidi

  20. Beautiful. The texture, the color, the perfect amount of wear. Pinned. :)

  21. Your door (table) turned out just beautiful! It’s perfect :-)

  22. Oh, my, greatness! I love it too! It looks great, so do your feet and your dog :) I love it!

  23. That is cool. You have such a great eye and style sense. I think if I got junk and tried to make it cool, it’d just look like junk. But you make masterpieces instead!

  24. Very cool idea. Just simply love it.

  25. Karen says:

    That is it. Checking flights today. I am heading down to meet you and your dogs (and husband) in person. This is SOOOO moi!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! I wish I had time to make one myself today. It looks awesome.
    PS it takes me forevah to clean up an old door too. Sometimes Emma has this lovely task, it takes her forever too.

  26. Well you know I love an old door. Love the table. I think those casters would have been about the same price here in the states. The old metal hardware just makes the table.

  27. Anne says:

    Gorgeous! What a fabulous job you did, I love the whole look. So impressed!!!


  28. Gorgeous door! The chippier, the better! :-)

  29. cassie says:

    very cool! i love the way the paint looks!

  30. Loving the chippy door/table and the tray. Is it ok if I just leave one comment for two posts? I read both, but in my incredible need to start drinking champagne with my hubby now that all 3 children are sleeping I’m letting my blogging standards slide. You’ll understand, I know;)

    Eat. Drink. Be Married pretty much sums up my life too, except with the little ones running around from 6am-6pm.


  31. Liz says:

    The hardware on it is too cool! Whatever it is you actually did to that door, you did it right. It’s just beautiful!

  32. Marilyn says:

    This is gorgeous, Karah!

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