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**This giveaway is now closed, the winners are commenters #12 - Sharon Drueen and #14 - Debbie Kennedy.**

Hey, hey!  It’s a fun day around here today, because I have something for YOU!  Well, actually HomeZada.com does.  You’ve heard of HomeZada.com, right!?!?


Yeah … I hadn’t either.  ;)  But, after doing some research … (gotta make sure these things are legit!) I am thrilled to welcome them as a new sponsor. You can access their site through the button on the sidebar at anytime.

And, fair warning, if you are an organized homeowner, you are going to want a ONE YEAR FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP after you hear about them.

Are you in the midst of a variety of projects around the house and just trying to keep it all straight?

Have you been telling yourself you’re going to get your ducks in a row just in case tragedy strikes in the form of a house fire or other unexpected home catastrophe?

Do you just not have a great place to track everything you have going on with your beloved home?

ME EITHER!  But, HomeZada.com is the place.  Check it out.

It is like the HUB for all things house and home.  Want to find an already compiled checklist of items we should be considering for yard maintenance each season?  Homezada has it … among many other checklists to reference.  (You know this lister loves that!)

Need help just getting started compiling your house inventory list or want to go paperless and get all of your house contacts and documents all in one electronic place?  Homezada can do it!


Want to get your ideas in order to start planning for future renovations?  Use one of Homezada.com’s preset project templates … or create your very own.


I know anyone who is into organization and planning and home improvement as much as I am is having heart palpitations right now!

AND, Homezada.com is giving away TWO FREE PREMIUM ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS!!  $99 VALUE each.

The benefits of the premium membership include the ability to have a shared property calendar with automatic reminders via email and the news page of your maintenance to-dos around the house, the entire home improvement projects tracking piece, and the ability to manage multiple homes with one account.

Now for the official deets.

  • Prize:  One (1) Year Premium Membership ($99 value)
  • Total Number of Winners:  Two (2)
  • Entries:  3 possible entries per person, leave a separate comment on this post for each entry.
    1. Leave a comment letting me know what feature you’re most excited about at Homezada.com
    2. Share this giveaway post link on Facebook.
    3. Share this giveaway post link on Twitter.
  • Closing Time:  All comments received before 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time Tuesday, August 15, 2012 will qualify to win.
  • Eligibility: Open to everyone worldwide.
  • Winner:  The winner will be selected by random.org.
Good luck!


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20 Responses to every organized homeowners’ dream

  1. thistle says:

    Congrats on the fun sponsor! This looks like a great way to start (and for me I put an emphasis on the word start) home management!

    Thanks for the link :)


  2. You know I’m a list maker too! Looks like your sponsor might be a great place for all those little scribbles on all those little pieces of paper could all meet up at one easy-to-access place!

    Congrats on your sponsor!



  3. I could so use this! I have my manuals all organized, but I could really use a spot to stash all my newly-built-home receipts/invoices, etc.

  4. Way cool on the new sponsor! I sent this link to my husband – he’s the ultimate geekoid – he would put every single thing he could into a spreadsheet or other kind of software. He would REALLY love it if he could “project manage” me! Maybe this will give him something better to do with his time!!!

  5. This sounds fabulous – I could take all of my notes jotted on post-its and jammed into random drawers and finally get organized!

  6. Cool product! I love the idea of yard maintenance reminders! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. BIG congrats!! What a great sponsor and giveaway! It’s really cool that the home improvement section has a gallery to get ideas from! It’s like a second pinterest!

  8. I’d love to win! I like thr thought of the home maintenance reminders. I can never remember when you’re supposed to do what!

  9. Hey there my friend! Awesome giveaway!!!! The home improvement section has a FABULOUS gallery! I just came back from tweet tweet tweeting and will be going to face book after dinner! : ) Congrats on such a FABULOUS sponsor giveaway…you rock Karah with an h!!! : ) hugs and tons of hugs to the M&M furry team : )

  10. Sarah says:

    Oh how I would love to win this! We just moved into our new home a few months ago and we have so many projects we have started and still want to do! Trying to keep it all straight and taking care of two little babies is making my head spin! Pick me pick me :)

  11. Sharon Drueen says:

    I really like the home improvement project section – thanks for having the giveaway – hope I win :-)

  12. wendy wallach says:

    i like the idea of getting all my documents stored electronically in one place

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  13. Debbie Kennedy says:

    I like the Home Inventory feature

  14. teepee says:

    This sounds like a really useful site. I especially would use the check list for yard maintenance. Seems we never get it all done, so a check list would be nice.

  15. Christa says:

    I would really like the home inventory feature. I have been meaning to do this since……….. Ha! Even better, a place for my husband’s never ending bits of paper with lists I can’t decipher. Thanks for the introduction to such a great site.

  16. Marianna says:

    I like the Home Inventory list

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