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blog room

So, last I left you in the living room and we were looking like this. And, I’ll give you one guess as to what it looks like today.  :) Yep, exactly the same with a little more dust. See, I have no issue leaving one room totally midstream to shift gears.  I probably should finish up in there, because the fab new striped rug really doesn’t go with those couches. I’m still in shock about that.  ;) But, once again, I’m going function over form. For now. I did make a little drop off at the laundromat this morning that I’m hoping will one day be my couch solution.  Let’s just say the sewing machine is coming out in September and I’m more than a wee bit skerd!  You know I’ll keep you posted. Now, do you want to see something that might make you skerd?