diy pool party {in curacao}

Well HELLO! to everyone.  And a big, phat Curacao welcome to everyone who is new around here at the space between.  It sure is nice to have you.  :)  I am so happy that everyone seems to be enjoying ‘this week {in curacao}‘, it has been so fun for me to spotlight this little known treasure of an island in the southern Caribbean.

And an extra-large Thank YOU!! to Julia from Hooked on Houses for sharing the house tour love.  You were so kind to spread the word about these house tours that I have been so excited to post!  :)

If you’ve missed any part of ‘this week {in curacao}’ you can get all caught up by clicking on the images below.

the space between

the space between

the space between

Today, we’re taking a break from gallivanting around the island and we’re relaxing by the pool.
diy table

And, by relaxing … I actually mean DIYing, of course.  :)
diy table

Have you seen that Hometalk is offering to send a little ‘goody package’ to anyone interested in hosting a DIY/home related party?

When I signed up to host, I knew immediately who to invite.  We’ve got (from left to right below) “Wouldn’t it be easier to just plug the extension cords in to each other than continue to move this table around?” Teri, “I claim to have two left hands but I’m actually pretty darn handy” Carol, “We could have the party by my pool and work on a bunch of my projects” Liz, and “I’m happy to take pictures and give positive reinforcement for your photo styling efforts” Suzie.  :)
diy table

I first have to say ‘Mwah!!!’ to these lovely ladies who have been very supportive of this here blog from day 1 … and also have to hear me talk about it all in real life.  I sure do love you gals! xo

Oh, and did you notice the great Hometalk t-shirts?  I got a super fancy, handy-dandy apron, too!*  ;)
diy table

*In case you couldn’t tell … I actually made these goodies on my own.  Apparently my package from Miriam is on the slow boat to Curacao.

But, that wasn’t going to stop our party. I had already called the girls and told them to bring their favorite tools!  Here they are.  :)

diy table

A few DIY tips might be appropriate here.

Tip #1!!! Consuming alcohol while working with power tools is frowned upon by many
Tip #2!!!  The wearing of gloves, safety glasses and maybe even masks during these projects would have probably been smart
Tip #3!!!  I can report that if you don’t follow tips #1 and 2 there is still a chance that you will survive unscathed … but please don’t take my word for it.  :)

In between lots of laughs and an impressive amount of elbow grease by ALL (who is still exhausted today, ladies?) we took a tiled table disaster masterpiece from this:
diy table

to this!
diy table

And we turned an unused, extremely weathered potting bench:
diy table

into a focal point, poolside bar!
diy table

Beautiful, right?!?!  Who’s impressed with the handiness of my friends?  I AM!!
diy tables

We had so much fun we’ve already started planning round 2 … your old table has it coming, Carol!

Now … who’s ready to host their own Hometalk party or thrifting day?  Head over to the Hometalk Blog to find out how to get in on the fun.  And let me know when you post about it … I’d love to see if your friends are as talented as mine it! :) You can check out what a few of my friends have done for their Hometalk adventures here, here, here and here.

AND … we’ll be chatting it up tonight at our #askhometalk Twitter party!  Get all the details here and join the fun TONIGHT at 8pm eastern.
Now … you might remember when we posted about a typical day living on an island … that was at Suzie’s house and you can find her impressive photography here.

And, if you’d like to see the paint technique we used on these tables you can find it here.

And … if you’d like the tutorial for the DIY t-shirts or manila folder+belt=apron project just email me.  ;)

Tomorrow, sadly, is the last day of ‘this week {in curacao} … but it is a good one!!  Now that you’ve seen enough of the island to entice you to start planning your trip down I’m going to show you my 10 favorite free activities on this lovely island (the post is live here).  See you tomorrow!!

*I am part of the Hometalk Ambassador team, however, the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.  Please visit my disclosure page for more details.*
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17 Responses to diy pool party {in curacao}

  1. ali thompson says:

    oh my goodness, i love both of those tables. love that they still look natural and great in the outdoor space. well done ladies!

  2. Those outdoor spaces turned out so great! You guys looked like you were having too much fun! I’m enjoying spending a week on your island but I just have to ask….shouldn’t you be working on that living room of yours? :-) Seems to me like some procrastination going on!

  3. How fun! I LOVE your improvised t shirts and aprons…way to be a true DIYer. lol The tables turned out fabulous and looks like everyone had a blast.


  4. That’s my kind of party and those tools are right up my alley! Of course, your t-shirts and aprons could be on the next project runway too! You girls have some crazy DIY skills. And to do all that poolside on a Caribbean island – icing on the cake!

  5. thistle says:

    It looks like so much fun! You all did an amazing job! The table looks brand new (or brand new vintage:)

    Have an awesome day!

    PS I am loving your Bachelorette posts!

  6. Very fun, and very cool! I swear, your life is so enviable!

  7. Oooh, that’s my kinda party! I went to the one here in Atl and have my tshirt to show for it! :)

  8. Robin says:

    Maybe your Hometalk hosting goodie package was in one of those shipping containers that somewhat commonly fall off of ships into the ocean?! But your DIY shirts, so cute. And fantastic job on both projects but that poolside bar transformation is both amazing and beautiful! So is this group of friends your “board of directors” for your blog?

  9. Wow!! What a freaking awesome party! Both tables turned out so great!

    p.s. Tip #1 cracks me up…we were drinking beer while sanding our crazy floors the other night :)

  10. Looks like you ladies had a really fun time! Love how the projects turned out …



  11. Dear Karah,

    Please send your friends to my house…mine are hopeless and won’t help me build a fabulous table.


  12. Amazing tables! I’ll definitely be joining you all tonight!
    And I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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