reuse it {baggage}

Well, I think everyone has a little extra baggage we’re lugging around.  But, let’s be careful about what we consider other people’s baggage.  Am I right, Bachelorette Emily? :)

When I got an email from Houzz asking if they could guest post on this here blog, and I knew they had their vast website as a resource to access a wide variety of ideas that you wonderful readers would enjoy, I thought if they could share a few creative storage ideas, all us breadbox sized house lovers would unite and rejoice!  We’re singing kumbaya as we dance hand in hand around our baggage right now.  ;)

Check it out!

Hello everyone! My name is Becky and I’m a contributor at Houzz, a home design site focused on helping design professionals and homeowners manage the remodeling and decorating process. Thanks so much to Karah for having me!

Karah asked me to talk about two things that are close to my heart: sneaky storage solutions and repurposing. So, are you old enough to remember lugging heavy suitcases that didn’t have wheels on them around? I do. It was back-breaking! Most of us (or our parents or grandparents) still have those old Samsonites up in the attic or the storage unit even though we have no use for them. In other words, we’ve got baggage, but we hold off on that call to Dr. Phil! I love the way people have been using them around the house, and I credit design bloggers for making this such a popular trend. Here’s a look at three ways to make your old luggage work for you.

Rie eclectic living room

Over at Home & Harmony, these charming old suitcases form the perfect side table in the living room. If you’re a magazine hoarder like me, it’s the perfect place to store that entire collection of Domino you can’t let go of. It’s also a good spot for those extra throw pillows you rotate, the excess coffee table books you’re not currently reading, DVDs … anything that usually clutters your living room or family room.

A Beach Cottage traditional bedroom

If your luggage doesn’t have a cute patina, why not paint it? I love the way A Beach Cottage has whitewashed her excess baggage and repurposed it as a nightstand in the bedroom. Use it to store extra linens, out-of-season PJs and those novels you haven’t had time to read yet.

Brian Patrick Flynn

If you’re crafty, take a note from Decor Demon. He took a retro red vintage suitcase and turned it into a comfy dog bed for the lovely Gidget.

Do you have an old suitcase gathering dust somewhere? Look at it with fresh eyes and put it to work!

Find more storage inspiration from closet and home storage designers and organizers at Houzz.

Thanks for the great ideas, Becky!  You all know I love that dog bed idea.  Maybe one day we’ll get a small dog … or find a really big ol’ suitcase.  :)

Do you decorate with your baggage?  I’d love more ideas … I’m always in the market for creative storage solutions.  :)

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I'm Karah and I'm so glad you're here! I'm a small town girl from the North East who finds myself moving around with my husband and pups every few years and constantly on a journey to make the most of every space we find ourselves in. That little space between what has been and what will be. It'd be so cool if you'd like to join us for the ride.
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15 Responses to reuse it {baggage}

  1. Karah…loved this post…Never thought of painting a piece of luggage…I have a small vintage piece…maybe I will get brave and paint it….See you at Haven…can’t wait!!! :)

  2. Love that idea of painting the luggage — especially if the piece doesn’t have that right vintage flair … or is just downright ugly!

    Great guest post!



  3. Anne says:

    Love it, that dog is adorable and I love that living room although I couldn’t pin it… :(

    Have a great day!

  4. Karen says:

    I love the use of old luggage used as furniture. Have you seen the pictures of people who have cut suitcases in half and mounted them on the wall as shelves?

  5. Karen says:

    Oops.. I mean the pictures of the shelves themselves… generally it’s not the people who did it that are featured in the photos!

  6. I’ve been seeing people do things with old suitcases on pinterest! I love the first photo! Oh and yeah, we better we careful with that “baggage” word…someone might go West Virginia hood rat on you. haha so glad Caylen is gone!

    • Karah says:

      Oh Em Gee, I was laughing out loud at the WV hood rat comment. So funny to hear it from 2 pretty girls in one week. :) And, hells yeah, Caylen was a schmuck!

  7. This was great! That dog bed! Adorable! And the doggie shoes – I died.

  8. Lily says:

    Thanks for having us, Karah!

  9. What a great post! I really love the luggage as a side table in the bedroom!

  10. I love the look of the vintage suitcases. I might have to scope out my Grandma’s house for some! Thanks for sharing =)

  11. Never thought about painting old suitcases if they’re not the right color-so smart! And, is that dog bed the cutest thing ever or what??? Great ideas!

  12. JaneEllen Jones says:

    I have one of those old brown samsonite suitcases and a few other ones. I store seasonal clothing in them in our shed. We have mice really bad in winter so have to keep the clothing away from naughty knawers. When we cleaned out said shed lately boy did we find things those puppies/mice had made nests with. We had to wear face masks due to the poop all over.
    I have some old train cases too, use them to store whatever I can’t find a place for right away. They stack pretty well if they don’t have a big handle on top.
    Now I’ll have to go out to scrounge suitcsases to decorate. I did have one I’d gotten at a thrift store, put those travel labels all over it. I have to paint one now tho. Think that would be really cute to have around. Need to get my old fashioned picnic baskets out too to decorate so will do both at once. I store our dvd’s in one of those in l/r. We have a small l/r so don’t have alot of room for anything.
    Hope life on the island is going well, thinking of that great bed on top of roof you showed recently. I’d love that place.

  13. Debbie says:

    It’s funny you post this now…I was at the antiques market near me on Saturday and picked up an old piece of luggage for $5.00…yes $5.00!!! I plan on making it a side table by adding legs. It does need to be painted and a couple inside pieces removed, but other than that, it’s in perfect shape!

Let me know what you think!