the great outdoors ~ pallet bed in our rooftop bedroom

I had dreams.  I had visions.  I had pinned beautiful outdoor beds, and spaces and had images of what was sure to be our awesome, Awesome, AWESOME new pallet bed on our roof.

You saw this sneak peek this morning …

And, I have to admit, I do NOT have all that I had dreamed of.  But, considering that we have been talking about putting a pallet bed on the roof since we moved in, 2 and a half years ago, and we now have pallets on the roof with a mattress on top of it and a few cute accessories that will never hold up to the wind so I have to carry them up and down whenever we use the space, I am thrilled.
how to make a pallet bed

I am also VERY relieved happy to report that we had a few rainy mornings this week (you would know it delayed my rooftop photo sessions if you are a Facebook friend) :) and the bed is in what, so far, has stayed a dry zone.  Yippee!!  Of course, if we get any freaky sideways rain (this has totally happened before), that would be different.

how to make a pallet bed

Now, I really, REALLY wanted a hanging bed.  How cool would that have been?  Gently swinging in the breeze.  Down right dreamy I imagine.  But then I realized that the roof rafters weren’t conducive to hanging a bed.  And I didn’t see the landlord looking favorably on my drilling big holes in her rafters.

No, I don’t know why that picture is at that angle.  I’m just taking ‘arsty photo angles’ to extremes, I guess.  And, no, I didn’t clean the roof at all or do anything with the random cords we like to keep up there to corrode in the elements.  ;)
how to make a pallet bed

Aaaaanyway, back to the not-nearly-as-awesome-as-I’d-imagined-but-awesome-all-the-same-rooftop-pallet-bed.

When push came to shove, I realized I really didn’t want to make a pallet bed at all … I really just wanted pallets to magically make a bed all on their own.  And, with a little painting of the pallet slats you can see (oh no I di -en’t paint the slats under the mattress), it does fit the bill of ‘pallet bed’.
how to make a pallet bed

And, back to those stinkin’ high roof rafters, I didn’t actually realize how high they were until after I strung together what I think could be a pretty-cool, beer-bottle, star-like, hanging pendant light and realized we don’t have a ladder tall enough to hang it. So, I did what any self-respecting blogger person would do, I nestled it by the pillows for a pic.

how to make a pallet bed

Oh, yeah, and then we have what is supposed to be the ‘headboard’ for the bed.  There was actually cutting and nailing and measuring involved.  There was also a bunch of wind and a few curse words and the need to totally re-evaluate what to do with the headboard.

Once the mattress was in place it was more a game of ‘where’d the headboard go?’ than a relaxing spot to lean back and take in the view.  How happy am I that I didn’t waste take the time to paint it?!?!  VERY happy.  :)
how to make a pallet bed

And speaking of wind, approximately .0011 seconds after each picture I had to re-tuck, fluff and otherwise prep the photo area.  Does this photo seem inappropriate to you?  Put your duvet down!
how to make a pallet bed

Yeah, just setting down 4 pallets is definitely not the only part I cut corners.  I put what I like to call a ‘skim coat’ of paint on the end of the pallet AND on the rug.  And, as you saw from the close up of the useless headboard, I didn’t even bother with the skim coat on the other end of the pallets.

I did, however, try my hand at up-cycling some fabric into envelope closure pillow covers with success.  Yay!!  Score 1 for the good guys.  And, for anyone who is counting, we’re at 5 for the bad guys roof and pallets.  Sigh.

And, I did a little DIY pillowcase/cover embellishment.

how to make a pallet bed

And, I made these cute little candles …

 … and this ‘our beach house’ sign.
how to make a pallet bed

Which, (side note), was intended to go across the top of the headboard all cute like until it turned out it would be hidden behind all of the pillows because I made the headboard so flippin’ short!  ACK!!!

I also had visions of a flowing mosquito netting, especially after seeing ‘The Lucky One‘.  Hello this-isn’t-a-Disney-movie Zac Ephron.  But, with the wind, it is just impractical and unnecessary.  Would be uber romantic when it’s not blowing up my nose, but not worth the expense or the effort to hang it from those high rafters.

All-in-all, we are stoked to finally have our version of a pallet bed on our roof.  It has been a long time coming and it will definitely get primped, tweaked and prodded again in 2 1/2 years over time.  But It. Is. Here!  And We. Will. Use. It!  Hip hip hooray!!

Update:  Learn how to make your own DIY jar candles here.  And how to make this easy peasy pallet bed here.

Update #2:  A tutorial for making envelope closure pillows out of old shirts is now here with 3 easy pillow embellishing ideas here.

And, this has been my contribution to The Great Outdoors segment of our fun little party series.  You have got to check in with my gal pals to see what awesomeness they have been working on in their outdoor spaces.  Just click on these images.

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And don’t forget Andrea of The Cottage Market, her project post will be Monday.

And I raise a glass to you all in hopes that you have a fantabulous Memorial Day weekend.  After the Monday holiday, we are back on Tuesday for The Great Outdoors link party.  7am eastern time.  Link here and be seen on all FIVE blogs.

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124 Responses to the great outdoors ~ pallet bed in our rooftop bedroom

  1. Karah! Stop it! That is the coolest bed ever!!! You just inspired me…I have 6 pallets on the side of my house right now, and I have been telling Matt that I need a place to lay out and read my magazines…now I am thinking I could make a chaise lounge with them! Thank you, sista!!!!

  2. Zoe says:

    I want to get into that bed and take a nap…even though I have only just got out of my own! Great job.

  3. andrea cammarata says:

    are you accepting reservations? i mean come on my friend — this is off the hook! totally and completely unexpected and WONDERFUL!!!!! you have to stop being so awesome — there isn’t enough to go around to everyone else : ) sending hugs and wishes of sun!

  4. You are doing this to torture me aren’t you?!!

    A rooftop bed overlooking the Caribbean?! I will be on the next flight and will stay out of your hair up on the roof. I only require the occasional cerveza (and I’ll happily whip up a twin chandelier with my empties)!

    Even I could lay 4 pallets on the ground – yippie – but my nonexistent wood working skills are struggling with the headboard part. Maybe if I just commit to no headboard and laying flat on my back, beer dribbling down my chin, I could whip up my own version of this too!

  5. ARod says:

    i want innnnn tooooooooooo lol would totally love to sleep al fresco in this amazing bed great job

  6. Nancy Carr says:

    Hey Girl! That is wonderful. Wish I was there now, Great work. Enjoy

  7. Jean says:

    Wow! What a great bed…and in the Caribbean? How do I go about getting that kinda gig? It looks inviting and cozy and I’ll be on that same flight with Kelly!

  8. Mom 4 Real sent me! Hello, great outdoor area!

  9. Nice job Karah! I’ve had that same dream – the hanging bed part – for years, but I just don’t have the place to put it. I will just have to live vicariously through you and your rooftop bed now. Hope everything holds up well to the rain and that you have many special times out there while I’m hanging out in my concrete back yard! Good luck in the triathlon this weekend. Have a great holiday!

  10. Thistle says:


    I am in love with your pallet bed….oh wait….I mean rooftop pallet bed. It looks amazing….recalcitrant duvet covers and all :)

    And that fancy arrow is amazing too! I need to go tithe Karah school of graphic arrow design :)

    :) me

  11. AMAZING! You have an outdoor bedroom… You’re the only person I know that has one! Awesome!!

  12. Amanda says:

    I think it turned out great! I just wish I had a flat rooftop now. Oh, and that I didn’t live in a place where it would be totally impractical. :)

  13. Heidi says:

    This is fantastic! I’m so super jealous that I don’t have a flat roof area to make my own…not that I have a view that’s enjoyable either haha! I love the way it came out (even if it didn’t measure up to your dream bed!).

  14. I am amazed… and jealous…. and so happy for you! What a cool space. You did such an awesome job! I can’t believe all of the projects you’ve been “secretly” working on. :) Enjoy your new spot!

  15. Robin says:

    We used to love sleeping “outside” on our screened porch where we had a futon made of shredded recycled plastic bottles so it was weather-worthy and actually very comfy … your pallet bed reminds me so much of that futon … I know you will enjoy nights {maybe even daytime naps} there. Between us, the screened porch or your roof top digs are as close to “roughing it / camping” as I can handle!

    So impressed with your triathlon plans … regardless of your time, you’re a winner just for doin’ it!

    Love the embellished wave pillows … almost forgot :)


  16. just love everything about the space. great job, i will be right over!

  17. cassie says:

    sooooo dreamy! i could relax there.

  18. Ellie says:

    Super fun use of space! Love the colors you used. Bummer about the wind!

  19. HOOOLLLYYY CRRAAPPP!! Girl I’m so jealous of your pallet bed! Like wth why can’t I have one?!!! And in honor of the Pass it On Project (which someone really cool came up with), I’m planning on making some homemade candles this weekend. When you post your tutorial, I’ll see if we used the same method :) Have a great weekend!

  20. You are selling yourself short! Seriously cool bed. And love, love the pillows! That wave and that little swim … I’m loving the twine swim … and now I have new ideas swimming (so sad) in my head for my Etsy …

    I love it!



  21. The rooftop pallet bed is a-may-zing!!!….Who but you, would have such an awesome bed under the starts…I cannot imagine how great it is…you are so creative and talented…serioiusly, do you wear a tool belt around your waist all day…you have to…..the way you are always working on those incredible projects….I am in awe!!!

  22. wow, this looks sooooo awesome! I love it! hopi bon :D

  23. I don’t know if I can read your blog anymore…I am too jealous, lol. It is amazing and I wish I was there reading a book! Just lovely! I hope you get it enjoy it this holiday weekend!

  24. Janet says:

    I’m just going to have to stop reading your blog. I get way too jealous, even though I know I couldn’t tolerate the humidity and couldn’t tolerate hubs reacting to the heat and humidity, lol. As always, g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. Ever consider a tarp for rainy, windy days? Yes, I am a worrier :-) Janet

  25. Kristy Rohm says:

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!! Completley AWESOME!!! Wish I had a roof in Curacao…I’d get ya to build me one :)

  26. Shelley says:

    You may not have thought all of it was funny but the duvet sure did! (I keep seeing a smile in that picture)..I think you did a great job of making your idea come out exactly right!

  27. I am celebrating your fantastic corner-cutting. Please, please, PRETTY PLEASE let me come live there forever.

  28. Your outdoor bedroom looks dreamy. It looks like a great place to relax, read a book, of take a nap. Very nice!

  29. I’ve been wanting an outdoor bed for under my trees and have been admiring different palate beds. Yours looks so dreamy and comfy. I’m sorry about you loosing your dog. Did Laverle Spenser come out with a new book? I have to go find out.

  30. Honestly, when you live in paradise and you have a rooftop bed, who cares if the pallets are painted or not? As long as you can lounge there with a drink or two, that’s all that matters:)


  31. Courtney! says:

    That bed looks incredible! You are too hard on yourself! It looks perfect! And dreamy! And how fantastic to even be able to do it!
    You are amazing!

  32. Karen says:

    Amazingly awesome! Downplay all you want but this just rocks! I want to lounge about up there and gaze out at the ocean… sigh… Oh, and the image of mosquito netting blowing up your nose made me giggle!

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  35. judi burrows says:

    this is such a sweet retreat! i have the same item on my “to do” list but my base is a steel factory cart (which we thought was a wooden one-bought at online auction) which we tried to resell with no takers….so what does one do? make something out of it! living in the northeast requires some thinking as to how to make it waterproof when it rains. it fits perfectly in one corner of our deck where the sun shines most of the day for a perfect little sunning/napping area.
    you have inspired me to keep moving on with this “to do”.

  36. lynn says:

    i LOVE every bit of this fabulous space, karah! pure bliss!

  37. Jeanette says:

    Nothing is better than a Sunday nap outside. We have an old metal bed on the front porch that is the most comfortable bed in the house.

  38. Brenda says:

    Soooooooooo lovely….the view, the bed….just lovely. The thing about the headboard, you could very easily make a “box” to put underneath it with some 1 or 2×6 or 1 or 2×12 boards and put the “prefabricated” head board on top…just lift it up. Attach the “box” to the pallets for stability (aka Leaning). Then you could place your very cool sign on the headboard. You could leave the box open on the back side for storage. Double duty! FYI…I love it as it is!

  39. I think your rooftop bedroom is perfect! It looks like such a wonderful place to kick back and relax and enjoy the fresh island air :-)

  40. Brandi says:

    Ohemgee! This is like the coolest bed ever. Don’t even get me started on that view.

  41. Even if you do have to bring all the accessories outside every time it would be worth it. It looks beautiful… I can imagine spending the entire Summer out there. Enjoy!

  42. I am at a loss for words!! …That bed is SERIOUSLY cool!!! You are not giving yourself enough credit! It looks incredible, and I am in LOVE with the embellished pillows and that super fab beer bottle light. How fun!
    Unbelievable. I am SO pinning this!!

  43. Mgal says:

    Love this space! What a fantastic idea. I really want to take a nap here! ;) MGal

  44. Scribbler says:

    This looks like a total aphrodisiac — something I could definitely go for!!

    The only problem with trying to have an outdoor bed here in AL, unless the area was heavily screened, is that you would be eaten alive. However, I have read that there is nothing like sleeping in the outdoors, lulled to sleep by the waves. It looks magically inviting and tantalizing

  45. Wow, it sure looks amazing. Even if it’s not all you dreamed it would be. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it all season long. Thanks for sharing, liz

  46. Who needs walls?! So wonderful!!!! How do you lead a ‘real life’ in that place? It just seems to call for lazing about and simply enjoying.

  47. How lucky are you?? Your hardwork paid off :) Laurel

  48. Seriously, who really gets to have a roof top bed?! I’m speechless, I truly can’t imagine! :)

  49. Alexis says:

    This is soooooooo awesome!! I love it!

  50. Your post is very entertaining and funny, and I love your pallet bed. Jealous a bit, in fact, cuz there’s nothing better than sleeping outside on a comfy mattress in the summertime!

  51. May says:

    What a slice of heaven. You could rent it out!

  52. Karah, this is so awesome! I just want to sit up there and be lazy and read books and soak in that view. AMAZING!

  53. Tara@Tales of a Trophy WIfe says:

    Amazing! If I ever find myself living on a tropical island, I am so making myself a pallet bed.

  54. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday – - you were featured today!!

  55. HouseTalkN says:

    SHUT.TO.THE.UP! I love every stinkin’ part of this!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  56. brandy says:

    This is SO COOL! SO SO SO cool!!
    I am so glad you linked up so that I could find your blog! What a fun place!

  57. Karah, I would never leave the roof top! It’s amazing! The pallet beds are great! The view is outstanding- a piece of paradise! Thanks for hosting this another great link party!

  58. Okay, I LOVE this post. I love your honesty, I love how real you are… that sometimes your projects to work out 100% and that you can just kind of go with the flow. I still look at these photos whether the headboard if functional or not and think that I LOVE the look. I think the space looks dreamy and I would totally picture it being a perfect place to curl up and read a book! :o ) I love your space!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy
    ps thank you for linking up :) :)

    • Karah says:

      Thank you so much for such an awesome comment Jaime!! Sometimes it just doesn’t end up exactly like the vision in your head, you know. But, it has been such an awesome space for us. It’s fun to share it. :)

  59. Laura says:

    That is the coolest thing EVER. If I had that rooftop bed, I’d never get out of it!

  60. OK, I’ve been seeing your bed picture all over blogland this week, and I finally have a minute to come over and see the whole thing and…Holy Cow, this is sweet! Who needs paint on a pallet when you’ve got all that blue sky to look at?! It’s awesome! And I like the headboard unpainted (and not just because I’m a DIY minimalist).

  61. Jacqueline says:

    Lovely! You must really enjoy that space. This gave me an idea for a couch for our porch!

  62. Love it!
    Whenever I see great rooftops on House Hunters International I *swoon.*

    (Is it just me or did anyone else get the urge to tell the pallet bed that a lady sits with her knees together – that duvet caught in the breeze cracked me up!)

    I think your “chandelier” was genius, too!

  63. it was the balashi that made me comment! about a month ago we went to aruba, and the chill was the only beer i could handle, usually i hate it. great space.

  64. Lorrie says:

    Love it! Looks so relaxing, a vacation away from the world!

  65. Sandy says:

    I’d be taking naps every day on that bed! It looks so inviting and what a great view!

  66. AWESOME! I have been wanting to do something similart, but suspend it from our deck kind of like a swing. You rocked it!

  67. Megan says:

    WOW! What an amazing idea and an amazing view! Enjoy your new addition to your beautiful rooftop space. Megan

  68. Becky says:

    Such a lovely spot. Wish we could have an outdoor space–our outdoor weather is too unpredictable. Thanks for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  69. malia says:

    this is INCREDIBLE!!! REALLY! I don’t have big enough words to describe how much I love this project!

  70. I am soooo jealous! This is awesome and I love your half *** attitude about certain stuff. I am the exact same way. But, hey it looks awesome and must be absolutely heavenly:)

  71. Jodi says:

    A pallet bed? How clever. Never seen that before. This space looks so dreamy.

  72. Well even if it’s not quite what you were wanting – it looks bliss. Let me find a drink and have a lie down (Well, I am 38 weeks preggas… lying down is paramount at this point!).
    Ooh, ooh, ooh! I have that book! Not a bad read if I do say so myself. :)
    Enjoy your relaxing moments with that view!

  73. Lou-Ellen says:

    This idea is so great! Looks so very relaxing, peaceful, so serene! Love it!!!!!

  74. Becca says:

    Oh my gosh, Karah! This is the coolest thing ever!! You rock girl- you rock!
    xo Becca

  75. Karen says:

    I saw this and wanted one immediately. I had started building an outdoor bed/lounge for us on my side yard where my garage door panel wall is. I couldn’t make it sturdy enough and was brainstorming….until I saw your idea! And guess what? Yesterday I was lucky enough to find a whole bunch of long narrow pallets that we will lay out, then stack up to use as our outdoor bed. It was the PERFECT SIZE! The junque gods have been smiling on me quite a bit lately. Now I just need my husband to haul them to the other side of the yard…..

  76. Afternoon naps on the roof!!! How sweet that would be. I love sleeping outside when we go camping…for some reason I get the most restful sleep…there is just something about sleeping outside that intrigues me. Great job and enjoy!!!

    Found you over at DIY Home Sweet Home party!

  77. Leanne says:

    This bed is amazing and what a beautiful space. There’s nothing better than relaxing and taking a nap outdoors. Thanks for linking to the Home Decor and Organizing Link Party. I’m featuring this today.

  78. Oh how I love your bed! It looks like the perfect cozy spot for some reading and realxing. Makes me wish I could duplicate it here in Michigan but alas, it would become a refuge for spiders and bees nests underneath and I, while relaxing on it, would become a meal for the mosquitos. Sigh! Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday!

  79. Donna says:

    Your bed is wonderful and amazing. It is perfect just as it is. And the location – I’m so jealous.

  80. It’s lovely! I think it would be even more fantastic with the mosquito netting you mentioned. :)

    I don’t think I could get away with that here in New England, with the weather and bugs, so I’m jealous!

  81. Kim says:

    What a cool outdoor space. I think it turned out great. How romantic to sleep out under the stars. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

  82. Tara@Tales of a Trophy WIfe says:
  83. Emily says:

    I’m sure you get told this a lot (I’m comment 83, so that was my attempt at a joke!), but I adore this space!! Even if your duvet is being slightly inappropriate at times. ;)

    I’ve featured you on FB and pinned!!

  84. Janet says:

    Fantastic. In every way! Enjoy your new bed in your gorgeous outdoor space!!

    PS – The duvet shot cracked me up!

  85. Karah – I think I need to be invited over, and SOON! I just KNOW I could take the best nap ever in that bed! Who cares about the little stuff – it looks amazing and anything that isn’t perfect you just need to refer to it as a “rustic detail”. I love it! Thanks for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

    • Karah says:

      Come on down! I’ll even pick you up at the airport!!! I hope you’re not a bed hog, though, cause I’ll be napping right beside you. :)

  86. Perfectly lovely! Nice job.

  87. Tauni says:

    What a fun project! I am a bit jealous of your rooftop hideaway…Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo, Tauni

  88. This is great! So relaxing!! I featured you today! Stop by and link up again this week!

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  90. Kelly says:

    Love this! A very inviting spot. Perfect for reading, writing & enjoying a glass of wine!

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  92. You’re a design GENIUS! Featuring you tomorrow!

    Xo, Aimee

  93. All I can say is WOW!
    Thank you for linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week! You will be featured at tomorrow’s party!!

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  95. Yby5 says:

    Your roof top bed is so charming! It’s so ready for a gathering…hmmm, how long does it take to get there :)

    Love it!!

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  98. I am totally there with you on being critical of my own projects, but the reality is, we’re all totally jealous of your bed on the roof. How amazing that must be to sleep with the breeze wafting over you. The white linens totally make it. I wouldn’t want to get out of bed all day!

  99. Becca says:

    Hey girl! I was wondering if I could share this post in a few weeks for my weekly Reader Feature series? I would love to showcase it! Let me know what you think!
    xo Becca

  100. Maaike says:


    How amazing! This bed is the most beautiful outdoor bed that I’ve ever seen! Really great you have created it. I would like to come and admire while sipping a cup of tea on it. Your blog looks very professional, I can imagine that you gave this answer to my question on Friday.

    X Maaike

    • Karah says:

      Maybe our crochet lesson needs to be on our roof. :) Thank you so much for coming by the blog, it has really been a fun creative project for me. XO

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  105. Deanna says:

    Eeeek! I can’t wait to slumber in this “fantasy suite”… p.s. I am “creeping” aka reading your “31 things about me” and I did click on the pinned link to this page… yup, those things actually do work! :-)

    • Karah says:

      I found the beverage of choice today … only took me 3 stores! Perfect for the fantasy suite! Hopefully you guys don’t think 3′s a crowd up there. :)

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