etsy who?

No, I haven’t been living under a rock.  On a rock, actually, in the middle of the sea.  ;)

chillin’ at the dock of the bay …

Seriously, I’ve heard of Etsy, but shamefully had never really poked around.

Then I start a blog, and start to have blog friends, and these blog friends open Etsy shops and I think ‘prolly ’bout time I checked that etsy thing out’.

And I kinda can’t stop looking around at all of the handmade craftiness.

I have to admit that I love that my dear friends Kelly and Linda first made their soon-to-be-sold-in-their-Etsy-shop-homemade-wares as their Pass It On projects.  Pretty cool I say.

And, as an aside, if anyone else I know is thinking of opening a shop of their own homemade goodness, I am happy to be a product guinea pig.  ;)

First, Kelly from Eclectically Vintage made these totally awesome engraved vintage spoons, that are now available for sale. How awesome would these be in my Caribbean garden.  Chuckle.  ;)

engraved vintage spoons by Eclectically Vintage

And then Linda from it all started with paint works wonders with your regular ol’ canvas drop cloth.

monogrammed pillows by it all started with paint

And that same Linda is hosting a Pillowpalooza link party RIGHT NOW.  And, she’s also having a little pillow giveaway, so if you haven’t already, today would be the perfect day to pay Linda a visit.  :)

And then, you may or may not cost your employer a few hours of productive time while you peruse around the world of Etsy the rest of the day.

I did a simple little search using the word ‘wood’, you know, cause I’m on a wood projects run right now.  And I can’t look away.

First, I found this awesome world map from Signarama.

map on wood by Signarama

If I could cut mitered corners like these with my hand saw, I’d totally make one of these reclaimed wood frames by Restoration Harbor.

reclaimed wood frame by Restoration Harbor

And if I had known of this awesome puzzle guest book idea years ago, I would have totally done this at our weddings.

guest book wood puzzle by Bella Puzzles Too

Seriously?!?  That’s all I need to say about this barn wood b.  And, another shout out to all my Fort Hill peeps…ummmm, we all need these made from wood from the farm.  Just sayin’.

barn wood b by second nature woodwork

 And while we’re looking at letters, I want one of these by burlap by elizabeth right. now.

monogram burlap wall decor by burlap by elizabeth

 And while we’re looking at burlap, I am in desperate need of one of these with an 04038.

burlap Charlie pillow by Kijsa

And while we’re looking at zip codes, I would love this little canvas clutch.

zip code canvas clutch by sleeping virginia

And, since we’re back at canvas, and you NEED to get back to work, just a quick reminder about my buddy Linda’s Pillowpalooza party today.  All of the pillows in her shop are made out of canvas drop cloth…how fun is that?!?
And just a heads up, I’m working on some details about the different glass panels on my old door turned message center for a post later this week, thank you to everyone who has asked about them … and for your patience.  :)

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18 Responses to etsy who?

  1. Etsy is addictive – a girl could get lost!

    I’m afraid the garden spoons would be stolen by your iguanas – they’d use them to spoon up the delicious tomato (singular) they stole)!

    Thanks for the shout out – and I love that barn wood B! I see a K in your woodworking future (and maybe an extra one for me)!

  2. Anne says:

    Cool finds! I’ve been thinking about setting up an Etsy shop but I haven’t really looked into the ins and outs of it yet…


  3. Marilyn says:

    LOVE this post….there are so many goodies on Etsy! :D

  4. “on a rock, in the middle of the sea..” Go ahead and rub it in some more. ;)

    Those are some great finds, and I love poking around on Etsy. I keep trying to talk D into starting one with his light-making skills, but he said something about he’s busy building a house… pfft.

  5. Okay I know I already told your about our Maine connection, but now I see that you have a Gorham connection. I grew up in Scarborough and used to dance at The Dance Studio of Maine in Gorham. Such a small (blog) world. :)

  6. Karah- thanks so much for the kind words! LOVE your blog~

    Laura and Blakeley
    Gulf Shores, AL

  7. Once you get started doing an Etsy search, it’s hard to stop! I’ve found some really nice stuff on Etsy – jewelry, artwork, glass floats… it’s a great place to shop :-)

    I’m seriously loving that barn wood B too!

  8. cassie says:

    i love etsy most of the time. i had my first bad experience this month, but it won’t stop me. :)

  9. kijsa says:

    A great big thank you for sharing one of my burlap pillows from my etsy site! I am an official addict too…

    …when you add the hours I spend pinning on pinterest to the hours I browse etsy… :-}

    Love all the goodies here! Thank you again!

  10. I love Etsy! Jesse actually ordered his wedding band from an Etsy shop because he wanted something super unique.

  11. malia says:

    Love your taste… I’ll take one of each, please! xo

  12. Karen says:

    Ahh yes… surfing Etsy is addicting! Thanks for sharing your finds with us. :-)

  13. Etsy is filled with so much goodness and inspiration! Thank you so much for the linkies and the pillow party and Etsy shop shout-out!

    And oh how I dream of living on a rock in the sea …



  14. Good to know! I love your chalkboard… so much personality. The blue was a great choice.

    I’m a new follower from View Along the Way!!!

  15. thistle says:


    Thanks for sharing all the ETSY love! I am about to pin everything you posted here! You are truly brilliant!


  16. Lori Bartel says:

    Just love your site, and thanks so much for sharing our wooden letter with all your readers :)

  17. Yes, Etsy is addicting! And it feels great to support other small businesses, usually owned by women. I love that Barn B and the world map!

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