foto friday 7 {hyatt regency curacao}


Seriously, I always find it funny to hear people say TGIF.  I’m pretty impartial to the day of the week really.  Other than Sunday, Sundays are my absolute favorite for many, many reasons.

But I am happy to toss this week to the wind and refresh with a little time at a vacation resort.  And, if you like a deal as much as I do, you too, can rejuvenate with a 20% discount on all food and beverage at the Hyatt Regency Curacao, Golf Resort Spa, and Marina.
The discount applies to everyone with a valid Curacao sedula or drivers license and runs through the end of May.  What are you waiting for?  What time should we meet?  :)

We could belly up to the bar at SHOR and enjoy some fruity island cocktails.
Where they have the best cobb salad evah!
Or we could take in the sunset from the Great Room while having some scrumptious sushi and a Sapporo or three.

Or, maybe, while we’re sitting at the SWIM pool bar we’ll see something like this at sea. Pretty cool, right?!?

So, if you’re not quite sure how to get there, just take a right after the iguana …
 … and let me know what time you’re coming.  I’ll be the one on the patio at MEDI.

And, ummm, yeah … I may or may not have been compensated in quite a few of said fruity island cocktails to spread the word about the discount.  But the opinions and photographs in this post are 100% mine.

And, Cheers! to the Hyatt Regency Curacao on their 2 year anniversary today!

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13 Responses to foto friday 7 {hyatt regency curacao}

  1. Packing my bags now!

    One of my hubs friends was telling us that he goes to Curacao often – he loves the scuba diving.

    I, on the other hand, would go for the amazing fruity cocktails (and to lounge poolside with you of course)!


  2. Anne says:

    Um ok, way to RUB IT IN Karah!! Looks so fabulous! Enjoy!


  3. Did you seriously catch that tornado – thingy on your visit to the resort? I’m wiggin’ out here, that was awesome! Tell the bell-boy to grab my bags, I want the top level view of this place!

  4. Robin says:

    Glad you clarified it was a left at the iguana as I certainly would have turned right. Great photos all, iggy sure is very colorful, but catching a water spout in a photo is so cool … we’ve seen them numerous times when walking a beach and always fear they’re close but they really could be miles out to sea with the flat horizon, but they’re there and gone in an instant, so I should refer to you now as the “fastest shot in Curacao” :) Since Fridays are nothing particularly special to you, have a great Sunday, ‘kay?


  5. cassie says:

    i am packing, too!!!! DREAMY.

  6. Holy crap!! You really saw that watery tornado thing?!

  7. Beautiful photos as always … they almost — just almost — warmed me up on this chilly drizzly dreary gray Chicago day …



  8. Wow, gorgeous pic of the water spout! How cool is that?! I am a Step in the Journey fan and loved your post on the doggy canvas art. I started blogging around the same time you did it looks like and had the same thoughts on whether or not to guest post back in December. Do you just love blogging? I am having the best time so far. Looking forward to seeing your projects down the road!

  9. thistle says:


    I think my favorite line of the whole post is….”take a right at the iguana.” hahahaha! Love everything and I’m ready to take you and Kelly on…..on the tennis court :)


  10. andrea cammarata says:

    WOW — you look like you had a spectacular time!!! the photos are AWESOME!!!!! thanks for sharing this glorious time with us!!!! i really would have liked the fruity drink though! and no iguana! lol!!!! hugs…

  11. andrea cammarata says:

    ps — LOVE the new look! hugs! (i have been running behind! : )

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