my favorite showoff

Hey hey!  Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a fab weekend.  It’s always fun for us to pretend like we’re on vacation while showing friends around this little island.  :)  Now it’s back to reality where I am still on vacation but Joel is back at work.  We had quite a few encounters with these guys this weekend.  Is there such a thing as “iguana season”? Do you ever have those moments where you kind of have to pinch yourself?  Like, is this really happening to me?  This totally happened to me on Friday, in a really good way. I just started this little blog thing less than 6 months ago and have had so much fun e-meeting some pretty inspiring and creative bloggers, DIYers and craftaholics.  And among the nicest, most supportive and genuinely sincere of them all has been Roeshel.