foto friday 5 {curacao memories}

Happy Friday!

I’ve shared with you the adventures that have been my first week back from vacation here and here.  So to say I haven’t really been out and about taking pictures of my daily activity is a bit of a no brainer.

But I thought it would be fun and a welcome reason to not get back to my filing to go through the pictures from my first month or so in Curacao and show you the sites as my husband showed them to me.  We had a lot of fun just meandering all around, checking out back roads and finding hidden gems.  I hope you enjoy!

The next three pictures are in and around the quarantine house and fort that we can see from our roof.

And this shot is from a hike up Mt. Cristoffel.  We have so many little bays filled with beautiful turquoise water, they never cease to amaze me.

Now, back to filing … well, I actually think I’m going to check out more of the project inspiration linked up here first, what’s a little more procrastination, right?!?  😉

I posted on facebook that I’ve actually started a little file cabinet upgrade, of the actual cabinet itself … I’d love your guesses on what I’m doing.  Hmmmmm, what in the world could it be?!?! 🙂

If you’d like to see previous foto fridays you can check them out hereherehere and here.

Enjoy your weekend!

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it’s a cinch link party

Hey y’all!!

I’m back!  Vacation was fantastic!  Loved it so much!

Fun times with a great family, adorable nephew, funny brother, sister-in-law who thought the strike through was showing my blog mistakes.  (Sure do love you Bonnie!!)

And too many “just blog about it” jokes to go around.  My sweet, sweet mother didn’t even come to my defense…apparently I have a bit of a blog audition going on here, too.

Sure do love you family.  🙂

And … after vacation … it’s always fun to be at the gate in the airport going to Curacao  … when I’m heading home.  Smile.

So, there’s really no complaining here.

But have you ever had those days when you thought you would be getting all crafty.

And your afternoon ends up looking a lot more like this …

Fun, right?!?!

Do the Curacao tax people not know I’d rather be crafting?  🙂

But, if I don’t have time to craft at least there’s time for me to take a look at what you’re crafting so I’m co-hosting the It’s a Cinch link party TODAY with my girls!!!

the space between

Truth be told I did whip up this little spring wreath just for fun.

I used a wreath form I had bought on sale after Christmas, covered it with old fabric (mine happens to be dog bed material…don’t judge, it’s clean!) and wrapped with some jute.  And then I just did what I thought looked good.  I cut out a birdie and a few flower shapes from a cereal box, painted them different colors.  Hot glued a few pieces of driftwood (you could also use sticks), hot glued the flowers on the “branches”, hot glued small pieces of seaglass in the middle of each flower….and then decided to paint on a polka dot detail to give it a little more Spring in it’s step!  Sometimes the best plan is to not have one at all…then you can’t ever be wrong.

And the project is always a cinch.  🙂

Update:  I even hung my wreath by the super simple hanging tip found here.

So now let’s see what your cinchy projects and tips are.  I’m looking forward to pinning and facebooking so many new ideas.

The  It’s a Cinch party is open until March 30th at midnight and we’ll be posting some party highlights next Tuesday!

And then go check in on my friends:
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Linda at it all started with paint
Andrea at The Cottage Market
Kari at Thistlewood Farm

And, if you haven’t decided to Pass It On yet … check in here for some inspiration!  I’d love to see if you do Pass It On … please feel free to link it to my Facebook page.  🙂

the space between

book page covered frames {diy monogram printable}

Wow!  I have been waiting for this day for. like. ever!

Remember when the idea of 12 Days of Kindness literally woke me up one night?

Well, I’ve been tossing around ideas for carrying on the kindness since then.  And I came up with something I am in love with!

Update:  As everyone is posting about their projects I am adding links at the end of this post so you can all follow the journey.

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foto friday 4 {argentina}


Well, for you anyway.  I’m on vacation so the specific day of the week is really irrelevant to me.

Ironic that the week I’m on vacation I actually get the order of the days of the week straight for the first time in 3 weeks.  Exhibit A and Exhibit B that I am not always playing with a full deck.  :/

Aaaanyway…since I am still on vacation I thought a few fun vacation pictures would be in order.  But I’m going to go back in time a bit and take you to Argentina … October 2010. Continue reading foto friday 4 {argentina}

art {framed stencils and coral}

Hey, hey!  Happy Hump Day!

Right now I am on a flight to Miami…or waiting in the airport for my delayed flight.  I would say there’s equal probability of each option.  Sigh.

But there’s a cutie patootie nephew at the other end of the journey, so I’m stoked either way.  You saw a sneak peek of #5 here.

Who am I kidding, that post was in November so the only people who saw it were #5’s dad – because I sent it to him, my mom, and maybe 3 others.  😉

Aaaanyway, I thought of a few more It’s a Cinch ideas for you. Continue reading art {framed stencils and coral}

mission: possible {it’s a cinch} launch

Are you hearing the theme music now?

Remember the fab gals I co-hosted the Imagine the Impossibilities extravaganza with?

Well, we’re at it again!  We’ve been chatting.  Really, we had a conference call.  How fun to put a voice with a blog…not exactly the same as a face with a name…but one step closer.  🙂

And today we are collectively launching … drum roll please … Continue reading mission: possible {it’s a cinch} launch

foto friday 3 {curacao}

I would like to first point out that the lovely Robin remembered that yesterday was not the first day I mixed up my days.

Geesh.  Who knew Thursday was going to start throwing me off so much. 😉

And head over to see her very important safety tips for this weekend.  Daylight savings weekends are a great time to make these quick checks.

Aaaand … here are a few things I saw this week …

Turn on which street? Continue reading foto friday 3 {curacao}

month in minutes {february 2012}

Hey there!

Hopefully the week is treating you well.

Yesterday we did our very first month in review and we’re going to follow it up today with a little February rundown.  The plan is to keep these posts in the right sidebar for easy access to links to all of your favorite posts.  I’ll also be sure to toss in some new things just to keep you guessing.  😉

And, if anyone has any navigation tips for this little blog please let me have ’em…I don’t want any fun information getting lost as we continue to grow.  🙂

Now, February started with all of the nitty gritty details about how I hung a gallery wall from one little screw for $15.

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month in minutes {january 2012}

Hello, hello!

A little reminder, if you haven’t already linked up your blog goals, we’re keeping the party open until Thursday night for anyone getting a late start…we’d love to hear yours.  And you can find mine here.

the space between

Now, I’m going to start a little something new here today.

Can you believe this little blog had more page views in February than in its 3 previous months combined?  Serious!  That’s incredible to me.

So, I shout out a Welcome! to everyone who is relatively new around here.  Thank you so much for coming by, please make yourself at home…and let me know you’re here.  🙂

And, to everyone who has been around from the beginning…don’t think I don’t know who you are…even if you’ve never left a comment.  I sure do appreciate you all sticking around…and would love to hear what you have to say about every single post things every now and then.  🙂

In light of all of our fun new traffic I thought it makes sense to do a little month in review, if you will.  But,…I’m going to start with January…total rule breaker here.  Seems like a nice, clean, appropriate place to start, don’t you think?  And, I’ll be sure to mix in a few new things too…just to keep it fresh for ya.

So, I guess I should start by saying HAPPY New Year!  I’m sporting my party outfit and blowing my noise maker right now.  🙂  But, the girls rang in the new year looking a little more like this.

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our space {picking it}

Hey, hey!  Happy Monday!

Well…here she is…

Ta Da!  Picture me with Vanna White arms, in a Vanna White outfit suitable for the tropics, standing to the side of the house showing her off…with a slight grimace.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about our little rental house that I affectionately refer to as our breadbox.  🙂

And I say “ask and you shall receive”…

                     … unless, of course, you ask for something I don’t want to give.

So, I’m going to do a little breadbox breakdown.  Sigh. Continue reading our space {picking it}