computer backup {tips}

04 Tamaya barn

Want to hear something scary?  Other than my mix up of Thursday and Friday in the order of days of the week after getting it right for so many years.  If you missed yesterday’s post, you’ll need to go here for this to make sense.  :/ Well, at least scary to me anyway… Someone lost their blog this week. Like when you try to go to her blog, My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, you see this… I know, sad.  :( And yes, my computer kindly translates EVERYTHING to Dutch since big brother can see we are in the Netherlands Antilles.  Gee, thanks! You can still find her on Facebook…and I’m sure she could use some encouraging words right now. Update:  Kristin’s blog was recovered yesterday!  You might have noticed Foto Friday went up on Thursday…apparently I had some calendar confusion as this post was supposed to go up yesterday and Foto Friday today.  Oh well.  Note to self – Friday comes after Thursday.   Then, I read that Beth broke her Mac. And I decided to get backed up.  So all is not lost. Honestly, we’ve been on the external hard drive bandwagon for some time now. Photography is a long lost hobby of my husband, and I like to think of our vacation photos as a never displayed museum collection. These are from Tamaya in 2004. Ok, that second one probably doesn’t belong in a museum…but should probably be on our wall somewhere.  (No, I don’t still have that shirt De, but Joel still sports the Grateful Dead one.) And, the untanned strip on my arm…that’s just from a spot where I had a temporary tattoo.  That’s how I roll.  :) These shots are from Spain in 2009. What, you don’t take pictures of random fishermen and road signs on vacation? We do…it’s so … continue reading