foto friday 2 {curacao}

12Feb finca table

I got so many encouraging comments and emails about last week’s photos so I’m continuing the trend…sharing a few fun things I saw throughout the week here in Curacao. Thanks for all of the support.  I sure do appreciate it.  :) Now, most Saturday mornings I can be found here…sorry for the sunrise directly behind the sign. And then here. Well, not actually at the dumpster…the dumpster is outside of the bakery.  This is a pic I took last year.  Apparently I haven’t seen anything interesting at the bakery since.  :) On the US President’s Day holiday…otherwise known as Carnival here in the Caribbean…also a holiday…we brought these hooligans to the beach. And they quickly made friends with this lovely couple happy to give Marley attention and feed Mico chips…aka Doggy Heaven. We watched a young boy fishing.  What are the chances he knows he can hang a whole gallery wall with fishing line?  ;) And we watched the sun set. And… …I may or may not have test painted the back of one of our couches… Let’s hope today isn’t the day Joel decides to start reading the blog.  ;) Have a great weekend!  See you next week. If you’d like to see the first foto friday you can check it out here. I am going to share Foto Friday with the Wordless Wednesday gals. Flip Flops & Pearls, Live and Love … Out Loud, Nap Time Mom Tog, Project Alicia, and then she snapped, The Paper Mama, Parenting by Dummies, A Fresh Perspective, NOLA Mommy, Baby Baby Lemon, Dagmar’s Momsense, Better in Bulk