how to dry brush {white wash}

12Feb close up

Well folks, the big a$$ tv has a new home. You’ll remember it used to live here. If you want to see how I upgraded an old dresser with some fun maps and stenciling, click here. Yes, that is in our bedroom.  :/ And we had this little cutie in our living room. Wait…is that a plain, dirty piece of plywood hanging above my tv?  Hmmm, odd…more on that another time.  :) Why?  You ask, do we have our little tv in the living room and large tv in the bedroom?? Well, we have this great outdoor space (being as we live on an island and all) and we will often move our tv outside when we are just hanging out on the roof.  It is a space I have been keeping under lock and key…well not really, it IS outside.  But, I have yet to share it on the blog. The outdoor space is one of the best parts of this house.  No, I take that back, the outdoor space IS the best part of this house.  :) But, after over 2 years of living here we find we’re not lugging the little tv outside quite as often as we used to and… really people…the house is the size of a bread box so moving the little tv into the bedroom adds an extra 12 steps when we do decide we want to take it outside.  Yes, I just paced it off.  :) But, clearly the big a$$ tv wasn’t going to fit on this gal. No, not the dog, the cute little Ethan Allan 4 drawer I got for….wait for it…$10.  Now…where to put her, hmmmm.  A decision for another day. But, I did have this, not real special, hutch. Some of our neighbors actually gave it to … continue reading