imperfection is the new black

Seriously. I mean, who’s into perfect anymore? Well, I’m sure there are many out there.  But not this girl. Is there really any better way to set yourself up for disappointment…than to expect perfection? For starters, I would never be living in this house.  Oh, how you are imperfect…let me count the ways.  But let me only point out the tile…oh the tile of which you have an abundance. But what was it that someone once said…where ever you are, I am home…or, my favorite thing about my house is who I share it with…or, as long as we’re living here together I can overlook the tile…it was something like that.  ;) And it really isn’t about the structure, or even the things in it, is it?!? Oh, if it were about the perfection of the things… I would probably shudder at the sight of that silly, un-level driftwood shelf in my new one screw gallery wall every time I walked in the room.  Or, I might have finished re-upholstering that chair by now…8 years later. Or, I might not have gotten disproportionately excited when I bought these hideous couches for $65 for the pair. I can’t even tell you how hard it is to find “American” sized furniture for a reasonable price on an island. As an aside, if you’re looking for perfection, definitely don’t move to a Caribbean island…I know some people who learned that lesson the hard way.  Please refer back to that comment I made earlier…something about the expectation of perfection = surefire disappointment.  :) Now, I have to give a shout out to the Nester for the idea of Celebrating the Imperfect with a link party. And, in contemplating her idea, I realize, that through my never-ending search for a steal deal, my need to find ways, albeit … continue reading