foto friday 1 {curacao}

12Feb montana church

Happy Friday. Just for fun, I thought I’d try something new and share a few things I saw this week. I pass this church all the time and I finally got stuck at the red light long enough to take a pic…too bad it was a gray day in Curacao.  Imagine it with a bright blue sky back drop.  :) Our view during a little lunch date…luckily not a gray day.  :) A typical evening in our house.  Me admiring the gallery wall while at least one dog and one husband sleep on the couch watch tv. My Valentine’s Day card from Joel.  Someone knows what my favorite price is.  :)  And, I may or may not have done some dumpster diving. I also carried a 1 x 8 x 16 foot long piece of perfectly drifted wood home from an afternoon dog walk.  Now I just need to figure out what to make with it.  A coffee table?  Shelving? Here’s a sneak peak…picture this sixteen feet long.  :) What would you make with a 16 foot long, 8 inch wide and 1 inch think rusty, partially painted piece of wood? Have anything fun planned for the weekend?  Do you carry long boards home from the beach?  Funny story – when I texted Joel to tell him I might need help carrying a long board home, he was picturing me carrying a long board surf board.  Now that I type that…it doesn’t seem as funny as it was in real life.  :/ I am going to share Foto Friday with the Wordless Wednesday gals. Project Alicia, Flip Flops & Pearls, Live and Love … Out Loud, Nap Time Mom Tog, and then she snapped, The Paper Mama, Parenting by Dummies, A Fresh Perspective, NOLA Mommy, Baby Baby Lemon, Dagmar’s Momsense, Better in Bulk