wedding #1 memento {part 2}

11Dec finished wedding memorabilia

Happy Day after Valentine’s Day.  Hopefully everyone is feeling incredibly loved.  It seems appropriate to finish up my wedding memento during this week of love. So, where did we leave off?  Like a month ago…geez, sorry! Ah yes, with this beauty. I had a box that, size-wise, was going to work great to just set my newly made frame (check out part 1 of this memento to get caught up on how we got from California to married and then from Curacao to a little driftwood frame), trace the inside edge and cut. Really, I couldn’t even at least get my pen tip on my already traced line so it would kind of look like an action shot?  Guess not. As you can see, my cutting wasn’t perfect.  But, my plan was to wrap the cardboard with the brown napkin so it didn’t really matter.  I only had to make sure that the cardboard wrapped in napkin was 1) big enough that there were no “air gaps”, meaning that there were no spots I could see in between the frame and the napkin to what was behind it and 2) small enough that it could be wedged in and cover all of the shims so only the driftwood part of the frame could be seen from the front. It was just a process of trial and error really. I also decided I didn’t need to cut the napkin.  I just wrapped the cardboard and used some pins to pin it tight on the back side. I did play around with ways I could layer the veil so I wouldn’t have to cut it, but I liked the look of only one layer of the tulle so I ended up cutting a piece that I could then just pull tight and … continue reading