the little black canvas {number art}

12Feb black canvas painted numbers

It’s the new must-have…the replacement for the little black dress, or maybe the accessory to…I don’t recommend trying to wear it. But, I actually finally decided what she’s going to wear. You might remember her back story?  This entire project only cost the $2 I spent for the canvas at Goodwill.  Heck yeah! She did manage to find her way onto the gallery wall, even though she wasn’t done. Now…she’s done. I am quite infatuated with all of the word and letter art out there.  I recently turn a pallet into word art.  But, as I mentioned here, I don’t have any of those fancy machines that can create what I tell it to. And I can’t always create what I want to.  :/ Luckily, this one worked out. I first made a paper template the same size as the canvas. I just scribbled with pencil, used different stencils I had to see what size lettering might fit, played around with ideas. I had received some GREAT suggestions on what to do. Maybe some string art like Zoe. Love the idea, but think this little black canvas is too small for it. Then I got the awesome suggestion to put my word of the year on it in a dictionary type font.  Who put that comment?  And on which post?  I’ve looked all over and can’t find you…I want you to get credit for the awesome idea.  Let me know if it’s you! Update:  It was Leena!  Thanks for the great suggestion!! I had a moment where I thought I might put something kitchy, maybe a funny saying taken from a little DIY group therapy. But the moment was fleeting. In the end, I went with dates that are important to us. I picked 5 different fonts I liked.  I … continue reading