3 diy Christmas ornament ideas {light bulb, book page and beads}

11Nov book page star

I do believe I am a minimalist.  We don’t have a lot of stuff, we don’t feel we need many things, I tend to not craft just to make something crafty and I need to hear quite a convincing argument to spend money on decor type items.  So, when I started on the little Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge I wasn’t exactly sure what would come of it. There is a budget of $20, but to me that just means “let’s see by how much I can come in below budget, shall we?”. So, here are a few ornaments I tried, that cost a total of ZERO dollars, but didn’t make it past the One Hit Wonder category for various reasons. One Hit Wonder #1 – Bead Snowflake I actually really like how this ornament turned out. We’ve had these beads for close to 10 years, they are left over from a pull chain project I made in Indy after we added a privacy fence around our back yard.  Of course, 10 year old random beads made the essentials list for the move here. Other items on said list were discussed here and here.  I had pinned this inspiration picture from Christmas-Projects.com. They give a basic tutorial on their site.  But, for some strange reason, I didn’t just happen to have a wire star or any soldering equipment on hand.  Weird, I know.  ;)  But, I did have some basic craft wire and a whole big bunch o’ determination. I cut the wire into 4 equal lengths, about 6 inches long.  I first thought I could use some needle nose pliers to just bend the wire around itself to form a solid center area.  I thought wrong.  It was quite gangley and had no structure integrity to speak of.  And, boy do … continue reading