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diy pet porch potty

I feel like this post has the potential to feel like a kindergarten classroom where all the 5 and 6-year-old boys want to talk about is poop.  Followed by uncontrollable giggling.  Given the topic it can't be helped.  Because when I posted the video tour of our new place in Aruba (almost 6 months ago now which is really hard to … [read it...]

diy wood shelves

one board wood shelves + 17 one board ideas

Well hello there!!  It has been awhile.  How are you?  I wish I had some incredible story to share with you about how I've spent my time recently, but the most accurate description would be ... life.  :)  We are still loving Aruba, hard to believe we have been here almost 6 months already, and we've finally made some official … [read it...]


it’s like Christmas up in here

Hey!  Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!!  It wasn't a holiday here in Aruba but it does feel a bit like Christmas and all I want for Christmas is to unpack these boxes.  Seriously!  Which means that our stuff has actually arrived!  Of course, it happened while I was in the US because of Murphy and his silly law.  But … [read it...]

american odyssey relay race

that time I flew thousands of miles to go running {& a $200 cash giveaway!}

***the giveaway is now closed, please check the Rafflecopter widget to see the winner*** So, let's just start out by saying that we should join forces in making fun of all runners everywhere and you should definitely read this article if you're up for a good laugh.  I think my favorite line is "Everything about running is … [read it...]


breaking news: reports of progress in the aruba apartment

Yeah, uh, sorry.  For everyone who has written me commenting on the lack of posts, thank you.  I am definitely feeling the love.  Sometimes when you write out here on the world-wide web you wonder if anyone would notice if you just slipped quietly into the night to Aruba.  ;) The truth is, I haven't really done any DIY fun to … [read it...]

round wooden dining room table

so, we acquired a table and now I want a diy chandelier

Hey hey!  Hope you're doing great.  Anything new with you?  We have a new-to-us table.  And it's pretty great.  When we first arrived I thought I might try my hand at making a farmhouse style dining room table.  Long, rectangular, awesome.  You know the type.  Maybe with chairs on the side by the wall and a bench on the side … [read it...]


the aruba kitchen plan

It took longer than usual because I can't stop staring at the view, but we're officially off and running with projects around here.  And it turns out gathering quotes for the kitchen project is a good way to familiarize myself with new streets and neighborhoods and learn that many a dirt road actually leads somewhere good. … [read it...]

installing a pocket door

installing a pocket door to the master bedroom {because a project can’t just stay in one room}

Hey guys!  How are you doing?  We are really getting settled into life here in Aruba.  I've been beach combing with a new friend, found a nice group of people to work out with and I even got connected with an artsy group here that likes to upcycle and repurpose.  And slowly but surely am finding my way around the windy roads … [read it...]


the aruba apartment – the before house tour

Hey hey!  Did you see the fun post from Tuesday where Joel spilled the beans on what he thinks about all this DIY madness?  His no holds barred take on me.  He's a keeper.  ;) And for the second week in a row I've got a video for you!  Last week it was the little good-bye, for now, to the Key West house and today it's the first … [read it...]


the diy according to Joel

When my buddy Cassie asked if I wanted to participate in a fun little Q&A blog hop with a group of DIY bloggers who are all asking their spouses/significant others about the constant projects we make them all endure I said  "you know it, I'm sure I can trick Joel into answering some questions."  And when I showed Joel the 20 … [read it...]

front of the house before and after

key west house tour – move out day

I'll tell you it was kind of weird to watch this video.  Time is such a funny thing.  We've been in Aruba for less than three weeks and already it is home.  I think that could be why we can continue to do this whole let's-pack-up-and-move-somewhere-we've-never-been-every-few-years thing with some level of success. We somehow … [read it...]