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the aruba apartment – the before house tour

Hey hey!  Did you see the fun post from Tuesday where Joel spilled the beans on what he thinks about all this DIY madness?  His no holds barred take on me.  He's a keeper.  ;) And for the second week in a row I've got a video for you!  Last week it was the little good-bye, for now, to the Key West house and today it's the first … [read it...]


the diy according to Joel

When my buddy Cassie asked if I wanted to participate in a fun little Q&A blog hop with a group of DIY bloggers who are all asking their spouses/significant others about the constant projects we make them all endure I said  "you know it, I'm sure I can trick Joel into answering some questions."  And when I showed Joel the 20 … [read it...]

front of the house before and after

key west house tour – move out day

I'll tell you it was kind of weird to watch this video.  Time is such a funny thing.  We've been in Aruba for less than three weeks and already it is home.  I think that could be why we can continue to do this whole let's-pack-up-and-move-somewhere-we've-never-been-every-few-years thing with some level of success. We somehow … [read it...]

rolling door hardware on french doors

upcycling idea – reclaimed french doors on rolling door hardware

With only hours to go until our flight to our new home in Aruba I ran around our house, if you ask Joel like a mad woman, with the camera to snap as many pics as possible of one of my longest awaited and most adored updates we made to this sweet little Key West home. It's funny how things actually happen during a renovation. … [read it...]


our aruban apartment – the before

Well, if things are going as planned we've been in Aruba a few days and we're still settling into the groove of things and getting used to calling a new place home. But, look what I did for you.  After Joel first saw the apartment, when I was still in Key West, he texted me these grainy cell phone pics and I want to share this … [read it...]


the truth about living on an island

So the packers are coming today and tomorrow.  Which I guess means this move thing is really happening.  :)  The dogs have all of their paperwork in process, I'm as organized as I'm going to get with some of our things staying in Key West, some heading to long-term storage in Miami and a select few things making the trek with us … [read it...]

Aruba sunset

the best organizing app for 2015 (and a sneak peek of aruba)

Hey there!  Last we spoke I was in chilly Cinciannati filming a few video tutorials of projects from my book. Thanks to everyone who asked about being able to see them.  They will actually be available on the publisher's subscription site craftdaily.com.  I'll give you a heads up when I hear they've been completed, I think they … [read it...]


2015 – the year of the new

I don’t know if it’s the moving or the new year, or probably the two combined, but I have been particularly reflective lately.  About pretty much everything, really.  The pretty unexpected news that we're moving and the pace of everything that seems to be set at warp speed, Joel is flying out next week. Whaaaaaat? So many new … [read it...]


it’s kind of a funny story

Less than 4 days after I proclaimed to a friend of mine here in Key West that "You guys will move from here long before we will", I was proven wrong. That's right.  We're moving.  I know.  I know!  It seems crazy.  It is crazy.  And sudden.  And Whaaaaaaat?  What about the house?  What about the projects? Where? The most … [read it...]

measuring angles with a t bevel

one more DIY skill I do not have

Hey hey!  Hopefully you're drinking hot chocolate and getting ready to watch your favorite holiday movie.  Today is a little break from holiday fun to focus on one more little skill I just don't have.  I'm not shy about the fact that there are many things that, no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to master.  Such is … [read it...]

pine cone and mini ornament garland

pine cone and mini ornament garland

Well, that title doesn't really leave much to the imagination, does it? And the pictures don't really do it justice.  But it is actually super cute.  You're just going to have to trust me.  :) I had a little package of mini ornaments that I used to make super easy wine charms (you should check them out here) and with the … [read it...]